Friday, September 5, 2014


I am not sure why, but I am obsessed with mermaids.  In my head mermaids are beautiful, mystical creatures.  They are kind, loving & sweet.  I painted a few just for fun...I've come a long way
since that first one!  She's pretty awkward...I'm not likely to show her.  Since that I'll fated face I've Ben a but preoccupied with figuring out how to draw a better face.  Not a real face.  Just a face. 

I signed up for a class with Jane Davenport to learn how to paint faces & mermaids back in May.  It was awesome!  In July (in Paris!) she taught us how to paint side profile faces & now I can't seem to go back the other way.  I'm still working out details.  No time soon will I even have a fraction ofJane's skill, but it's fun just the same.  

While trolling Facebook one day I saw a lesson from Tamara LaPorte ( a Rainbow Mermaid.  Oh how I love her!  It's a totally different face than what Jane does but beautiful just the same!  

I started my mermaid before watching the almost three hours of videos (I did use the print out).  I loved her face right from the start.

I added some ultra thick modeling past for the body...I may come to regret that.

The problems I'm having relate to a) waiting for layers to dry b) not having the same exact supplies as the teacher (it's killing me, people!  I so get my own students frustrations!) c) I need to have my background perfect & it's not & it's pissing me off! 

I like this one better than where I'm at now.

Now this face, I totally love!

Weird background that is not working for me.  Honestly, I thought my background was ok until I binge watched the episodes on Labor Day. 

The details are making me happy!

Here's what she looks like right now

Hopefully a trip to Hobby Lobby tonight will help me fix the background.

The best part of this whole adventure for me is that I am creating again.  Is it all great? No.  But you know what?   Loving the process of working through it! 

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