Thursday, June 19, 2014

My new fitbit...

I've been seeing Fitbit on Instagram quite a bit lately.  It fascinated me that it would track your steps & your sleep.  I'm always wondering about activity...while I walk a lot (3 days a week before work, everyday at lunch, most days after work) I have an extremely sedentary desk job.  So sedentary that recently I took over an empty desk in my cube & added a box, creating a standing desk.  I love using it!

High class right there!

What I'm finding with the Fitbit is that I get quite a few steps from my non work hours.  Sometimes close to 20,000!  But those 9 hours at work?  Barely any steps.  

As for sleep, apparently I sleep like the dead.

I've been letting the time I go to sleep creep up later & later.  One thing I've noticed is the days I get 6.5 hours (yesterday) my afternoon drags.  Days where I get more than 8 hours I feel pretty good all day.

It's been a week just checking my baseline activity & sleep.  Now I'm going to try setting the alarm on my Fitbit every hour to get a little extra steps in. And the nights I walk the next morning, I'm going to try to go to bed a little earlier.  Walking is easy...going to bed early? Not so much.

(I'm a goal driven girl so the wind this week really wrecked havoc with my steps!)

I actually ended that day at 10,800 steps.  When the wind died down after 8 pm the dogs got their walks (under 10k is just not an option). 

I don't feel like the step counter is all that accurate.  The 4.75 to 5 mile walks Audra & I take are registering between 3.90 and 4.03 miles.  I've measure it with other pedometers & a gps app.  So this just gives you a general activity level.  As for the sleep, I wake up & it says I've burned 400 calories...which is impossible based on my sleeping activity.  So I it telling me how many calories I burn even while sleeping?   I would think it was calories burned during activity.

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