Thursday, June 19, 2014

My new fitbit...

I've been seeing Fitbit on Instagram quite a bit lately.  It fascinated me that it would track your steps & your sleep.  I'm always wondering about activity...while I walk a lot (3 days a week before work, everyday at lunch, most days after work) I have an extremely sedentary desk job.  So sedentary that recently I took over an empty desk in my cube & added a box, creating a standing desk.  I love using it!

High class right there!

What I'm finding with the Fitbit is that I get quite a few steps from my non work hours.  Sometimes close to 20,000!  But those 9 hours at work?  Barely any steps.  

As for sleep, apparently I sleep like the dead.

I've been letting the time I go to sleep creep up later & later.  One thing I've noticed is the days I get 6.5 hours (yesterday) my afternoon drags.  Days where I get more than 8 hours I feel pretty good all day.

It's been a week just checking my baseline activity & sleep.  Now I'm going to try setting the alarm on my Fitbit every hour to get a little extra steps in. And the nights I walk the next morning, I'm going to try to go to bed a little earlier.  Walking is easy...going to bed early? Not so much.

(I'm a goal driven girl so the wind this week really wrecked havoc with my steps!)

I actually ended that day at 10,800 steps.  When the wind died down after 8 pm the dogs got their walks (under 10k is just not an option). 

I don't feel like the step counter is all that accurate.  The 4.75 to 5 mile walks Audra & I take are registering between 3.90 and 4.03 miles.  I've measure it with other pedometers & a gps app.  So this just gives you a general activity level.  As for the sleep, I wake up & it says I've burned 400 calories...which is impossible based on my sleeping activity.  So I it telling me how many calories I burn even while sleeping?   I would think it was calories burned during activity.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014


I've been playing a bit in my art journal (it's probably not really an art journal quite yet).  I'm taking a #creativeGIRL watercolor class from Danielle Donaldson & this was some homework...

Just head & hair shapes.  No faces yet (couldn't help but try 1!) and I worked a bit on bring out the imperfections, that's for sure! 

My what a big eye you have!

It's fun to play!  I'm learning that I love Golden Paynes Grey paint.  Peerless watercolors.  My Aquash brush.  Montana paint pens.  And creating.  I love creating!  Something I need to do more of, for sure.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Summer has come...

It's June 5th & I'm sitting out on our deck enjoying the coolness of the night as the sun sets. We had snow three weeks ago, a big forest fire right after.  Finally the early night is not frigid or filled with smoke.

Summer is my most favorite time of year!  Nothing makes me happier & more content than warm weather, daylight that goes on forever, cafe lights strung around the deck...what's not to love?

I've been contemplating drawing & painting.  But just contemplating...not actually creating.  I've skirted the issue by reading an entire book each weekend (really each Sunday) for the past two weeks.  I'm not sure why I sabotage my creative endeavors.  I truly do love to paint & make things.  So why is it I find it so difficult to start again?

First world problems right there.

Work is super busy, stressful.  Year end for an accounting person is hectic to say the least.  Throw in a new student worker, who is amazing but still needs much guidance, & a student who created  many mistakes when she left for the summer & it adds up to one tired me.  

Don, Kendall & I have been catching up on episodes of Supernatural.  I tell myself I'll make something while we watch but I end up snuggled on the couch with Kendall finding it hard to stay awake. 

Maybe this is what I need right now.  The peaceful.  The quiet.  Maybe, just maybe I rush around too much. The list in my head is so so long.  Not accomplishing every last thing is frustrating, but I'm coming to believe that relaxing is not so bad.  

This little columbine rarely blooms.  I looked out tonight & was surprised to see all the blooms about to burst.  It seems patience is key.  Let's hope I'm finding some.

Sunday, June 1, 2014


When Kendall moved out in February I had no plans to do anything with her room.  She took her mattress but left the frame & box spring.  I just kept the door shut & pretended that it was still hers.  Then one day I saw this painting by Kelly Barton & I knew I needed to have her:

Trouble was, Kendall's room was eggplant & I had no where to hang her.  Little Miss Sunshine was hanging up at the Athen Art Gallery in Indiana for a few months so I had time to figure it out.  

During a trip to IKEA to find a bed a guest could sleep on, inspiration struck!  I picked up a yellow duvet, which caused Don & Audra to nearly faint with shock.  You see, I've had this huge aversion to yellow for years.  It was a running joke in my scrapbook store that no one could ever find yellow.  And now I'm obsessed with it!  

Kendall's room went from this: 

To this....MAJOR difference!  All because of a sweet painting.

I love it!  There are still things to do...scraping the popcorn on the ceiling, getting a new light, hanging Little Miss Sunshine & a few other things.  But it's coming togetherness quite nicely!  

Audra gave me this awesome print "in the depth of winter i finally learned that within me lay an invincible summer" (quote by Albert Camus).  I knew that it belonged in this room but it needed to stand out.  So I painted the wall (ok, Don painted the wall) firelight yellow & I stenciled this raj trellis pattern on this wall & the wall with the door.  So two walls are cream & two walls are yellow with a cream stencil.  It's currently my favorite room in the house. 

I made the SUNSHINE light up sign specifically for it.  Summer is my favorite everything & we used to sing "you are my sunshine, my only sunshine" to Kendall a the time.  So sunshine = Kendall.  So a sunny, happy room works for us!

Yep, I love it!