Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Wow!  It's almost been a year since I blogged last.  Maybe it was the nagging reminder on my phone, "Just blog already!  It's not that hard!"  Maybe it was the 9 hours a day I spend on the computer at work.  Maybe it was the 52 spam emails I get a day that spammers are loving my Wall Draw II post.  Or maybe it was how much time I spend checking Facebook & Instagram.  Whatever the reason, it feels good to get back on here & fix things up a bit.  I've removed all of my links.  Time to re-evaluate what I want & who I support.

Our life in 60 seconds or less:  Life has been good!  Kendall went to college in August...only to return in October with a horrendous case of mono.  (Fast forward 7 months later & she's still plagued by it.)   Her boyfriend joined the Air Force in January.  Don & I went to Thailand for two weeks in February.  I went to North Carolina for an art class in May.  Fixing up our house as much as we can.  Kendall got a kitty.  We got a new, old dog.  And so on, and so on and so on... (wasn't that an old Prell commercial?)

I'll be back to this whole blogging thing.  I have plans.  Big plans.  Trust me.

I leave you with my favorite quote:

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