Monday, May 6, 2013

Conquering Fears

(Seriously cool grate.  Do you see the "K"?  I've walked by this grate 100+ times...only time I've seen the "K")

Today I did a really scary thing.  I went swimming.  In a great big pool.  Not an itty bitty pool.  An competition sized pool.  If I were a brave girl, this post would have a photo of a swimsuit, not a seriously cool grate.  But I'm so not brave I left my phone at home...accident?  Maybe.  So what brings on swimming, something I'm seriously afraid of since an event at Lake Powell some years ago?  The only explanation I have is that I was looking for scuba classes at work for Don & it dawned on me that I'm no longer a strong swimmer & that I'm pretty afraid of it.  I actually signed up for a lap swimming class for the fall, but dropped it because I decided to pursue a Bachelor of Fine Arts instead.  (I'll tell you about that some day.)  Then some girl Don used to work with made me ridiculously jealous by something she said & implied...the next thing you know, I'm at the pool swimming laps.  

Today I went for the first time.  I had butterflies in my stomach.  But I made myself go.  Turns out the big pool has the lanes in the long course pattern today.  Oh joy (she says dripping with sarcasm).  The long course is 50 meters one way.  I have not been in a pools for anything other than a few handstands in years.  I venture out to the pool & just stare at the length of it.  Holy crap.  What have I gotten myself into?

There are about two dozen swimmers there.  Translation:  you have to share a lane.  Luckily someone warned me at the front desk that you can "split" a lane with another swimmer as long as they are ok with it.  I grab my kickboard & ease into the pool.  I expected it to be much cooler, but it is quite comfortable...refreshing, even!  Down & back...100 meters...with a kickboard.  This isn't so bad, I think to myself.  Lets try freestyle.  Halfway down the lane I begin to panic a little bit...I feel myself becoming exhausted & anxious.  I have a good little talk with myself & relax a little & keep going.  When I get to the end (50 meters) I stop & have to catch my breath.  I forgot how hard this is!  I gather my wits & swim back, breast stroke...much easier.  I go that way a while, alternating kickboard/freestyle...each lap getting just a little bit easier.  I suffered some foot cramping, but that has always been an issue when I swim.  After 35 minutes I feel home.  The water is where I'm meant to be.

As I leave the pool, I make sure to sign up for a yearly pass. This is exactly what I need.