Monday, April 22, 2013

Bear Mountain, Sedona

I never got around to telling you about our hike up Bear Mountain, did I?  It was quite an adventure!

We woke up Sunday morning (oh my goodness...that was two weeks ago already!) & headed to The Coffee Pot for breakfast.  Locals call it "Home of 101 omelets & ten parking spaces".  It's typical diner food...nothing to write home about.  (What we should have done was get to the trail at 7 am.) Then we met our friend Whitney in the parking lot at Bear Mountain.  Now, I'm not really sure whose idea this hike was...I don't want to blame anyone...but lets just say, it was intense.  However, according to Cosmic Ray's guide book, it's hard.  Cosmic Ray claims the Airport Mesa Loop is intense.  Dude is seriously messed up on his words.  Hard is an understatement.

That's Whitney & Aggie.  A really beautiful trail!  It starts out pretty innocent...

Happy to be out & hiking!

So pretty!

You want me to go where?!

This not easy.  But it is by far the most beautiful place I have ever been.  These photos do not do it justice...

One of the places I "needed" to take a photo.  Really what I needed to do was not throw up.

At the top!  Made it all the way!  1 hour 45 minutes for 2 miles.  For the record, I can walk 3.5 miles of hilly terrain in 50 minutes.  That's how steep that trail is...

Worth every single step...

On the way down. can kinda see how steep it is here!

Love him!

Yes, I am awesome!

Almost to the end...a job well done!  This trail is my 10 on a scale of 1 to 10.  Will I do it again?  Mmmmm, maybe.


  1. Agreed - you are Awesome! Audra

  2. That looked really hard! Yikes! What you need (what I have since I am stumble humbly), is trekking poles. We used them on our 14'er hike. It was perfect for the parts where it was literally straight down and gravely. One missed step and see ya later! That is what we should plan to do!!! A 14'er together!!! Of course, I have to get through this move and then get my fat ass in shape and acclimated to high altitudes once again. Heh.

  3. what beautiful views. Somehow I won't be surprised if you do this hike (or one of similar difficulty) again given that kind of reward!

  4. WOW! I'm in awe of these photos....such an incredible place!