Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Sunday Hiking

Sunday morning Don, Kendall, Audra & I headed to Sedona for a hike.  I needed to be out of the snow...and out of my puffy down coat.  Sun.  Warmth.  That's what I was after.  I asked one of the coordinators at work where to go & he suggested making Soldiers Pass Trail & Brins Mesa Trail a loop.  So glad I took his advice!  It was beautiful!  The trails were well marked, easy to follow.  We spent about 3 hours on the trails...not as fast as Audra & I normally walk, but still a good pace.  Here are some stops along the way:

A sink hole called Devil's Kitchen.  It's much deeper than the photo shows...and that fallen rock slab is enormous!

Very well marked trails.

Carins.  I'm still fascinated by them, but after our horrible Cook Stove Trail hike a few years ago, I will never believe them again.  I regard them as art.

Waiting for Don & Kendall to catch up.

Audra & Dutch.

Hearts were everywhere!

We ran into a guy on top of the mesa that offered to take our photo.  That's Coffee Pot in the background.

There is a lot of cactus on the trail.  I bet in a month they'll be blooming with prickley pears.

I'm telling you, hearts were everywhere!

Loved these trail markers!

This is a trail I'd enjoy doing again.  Maybe from the back side (up Brins Mesa) where there is quite an uphill climb.

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  1. Really pretty! That part of the country is just so beautiful.