Monday, March 4, 2013

Self Portraits

My self portrait class ended February 28th.  I really enjoyed all of it.  Vivienne makes you think...experiment...have fun.  I did 20 of the 28 lessons.  Maybe 21.  Instead of posting them all at once, I think I'll show you a few here & there.  I think of all of them, this is my very favorite:

I'm not someone who acts very free...but I crave the feeling.  I grabbed Mia & went to the park to play.  I grabbed a scarf & put my iPhone on a tripod, set the Gorillacam timer to take 10 photos at a time & just twirled.  The sun was setting, which made me really more of a silhouette.  I did apply a filter to this when I uploaded it to Flickr (as I did to most of my photos) & it brought out the sunset.

I tucked my phone into the waist of my yoga pants for this one.

I am a girl who loves the sun.  This day it was still cold, but the sun felt oh so good!

I love this photo.  It was the truth of that day.  I wasn't feeling well & Kim was leaving the next day for Thailand.  I was envious of her new adventure & feeling stuck in mine.  This is the perfect pity party photo. 

I will show you others...or I will take new ones.  Who knows!  If you feel the need to be inspired, keep an eye out for Vivienne McMasters online photography classes here


  1. Your favorite is my favorite - as I told you before! Audra