Wednesday, March 27, 2013


At the insistance of Kim, I have started scheduling creating on my Google Calendar. I added reminders for blogging & meditation, too. But like most over zealous things, I over scheduled it & couldn't live up to my own very high expectations. At first I found my inability to keep my own appointments incredibly frustrating. Now I'm ok with it (must be the meditation!) but it's something I need to refine. I have had to realize that i don't have to do something every single day. A few times a week is just fine.

This week I've been playing with watercolor & sketching in my little book. It has created such a mind shift for me. My doodles may not be stellar but they've opened up some forgotten part of my brain that seems to be essential for my survival. This is not melodrama. It is real. When I create I am happier & dare I say, content. When I don't create, life kinda sucks.

Here are a couple things I've created recently (they're in process). My big painting that i showed a few posts ago is awaiting a weekend that isn't packed full of activity...maybe this one...

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