Tuesday, March 19, 2013


What a lovely surprise to hear that my nephew David, who lives in Tulsa, OK was going to be at my mom's house for a few hours today!  It was so good to see him!  And now I have all my little nephews & nieces with their hearts for my wall.  It felt funny not having him it is complete!

David is 11.  He was born on Don & my 10th wedding anniversary.  I decided this year (our 22nd anniversary) we'll be going to Tulsa to spend his birthday with him.  I've missed too many.

AJ, Ray & David.  I love that they get along so well!

Ray made a heart at my Valentine's party...he must have had fun because he really wanted to make another one.  I just noticed the goatee on his smiley face...haha!


Before you oooh & ahhh over this photo of adorable AJ, he was hiding the booger flowing freely out of his nose.  I swear that kid is the biggest snot producer in the country!


This is Nick, David's brother.  He is a handful & pretty hilarious!  The drawing?  Yeah, that's Arizona. 

So glad I got to spend part of my day with these adorable boys! 

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  1. Love the pics! Such cutie pies!!! So glad you got to see David and the gang!!!