Monday, March 25, 2013

Little Horse Trail

Saturday Don & I headed down to Sedona with our friend Nate for a day of exploring.  Who knew Nate had never been to Sedona? Crazy!  We hopped in Kendall's cute little convertible (not that we could put the top down...freaking cold I tell you!) & headed down the switchbacks.  Along with about a dozen people on bikes that were loaded down with gear...on a teeny, tiny road, filled with tourists.  That was eventful!

Our destination, Little Horse Trail, was just before the Bell Rock Trail, between Sedona & the Village of Oak Creek.  Both are pretty fabulous & easy to follow.  I'd say there are less people on Little Horse, but then I didn't see jeep tours on Bell Rock...

I love how well marked the Sedona trails are.

I'm that girl who's always making shapes out of clouds in her mind.  I do the same with rocks.  Do you see the pansy in the left third of this photo?  Seriously?  You have to see it there!

First signs of spring...yes!

Stunning, no?

The sky was totally that blue.  (I don't have time to edit photos & make you believe it was that blue when it really wasn't.)  And look!  The Easter Bunny!  Don't tell me you don't see him....

Those wee little people are Nate & Don, heading to the top of Chicken Point to check out the view.  Stunning, I'd imagine.  I was perfectly fine sitting on my behind watching them climb that rock.  I have a huge fear of heights...and sliding down sandstone on my ass.

An incredibly blurry image of Nate & Don...egads.  Sometimes I should not have a camera in my hands.

More signs of spring at the Chapel of the Holy Cross (now that is one spectacular church!).  Pretty as a postcard, don't you think?

People make wishes & toss money on the rocks surrounding the chapel.  Some of it just rolls down the parking lot, down the hill...maybe that's why there are mansions down there.  Ha!

I'm a sucker for mosaics.  This one is at the entrance of the chapel. 

I don't really have any good photos of the inside, but can tell you it is small.  Teeny, tiny.  Down below is a sweet gift shop filled with all sorts of religious things...crosses, nativities, etc.  I bought two St. Anthony charms because my friend Doris says that when you have lost something, St. Anthony will find it for you.  Can't hurt, right?

Spending the day with Nate was so fun!  He is adventurous, funny & sweet.  When was the last time a 15 year old wanted to hang out with you?  I can't remember when!  So for Nate to want to come along was a treat, as well as a bit of an ego boost!  Everything we showed him he showed genuine interest.  It was truly a great day!  Thank you, Nate!

Now, if he'd only told us he was turning into a popsicle on the way back....Flagstaff may just be a little too cold yet for a convertible....

Oh & Beth, this would be a good trail for us when you come to visit...though I think I liked Soliders Pass Trail better (but it is much, much longer).


  1. I.can.not.wait.
    Yes, that blue sky.... and that trail must be close to where I am staying in Village of Oak Creek.
    I've also been looking at my trail guide books from 5 years ago... Have you been on the Oak Creek Canyon trail? I'm excited to be there in the spring! In all the times that I've been there most have been in the winter or July.
    Gorgeous photos, Kirsten. And we would make good hiking companions as I, too, have no desire to slide down sandstone on my ass!

  2. Stunning photographs! Love seeing this glimpse into your day.