Monday, March 18, 2013

Lazy Sunday

After Saturday's mini road trip I thought we could take it easy Sunday.  Don wanted to go to Sedona & hike, but when you only have two days off & you go go go all weekend Monday morning is hell.  So instead we went to my favorite breakfast spot, MartAnne's.

MartAnne's is this fabulous little mexican food breakfast/brunch place downtown.  It used to be much smaller, but they just moved into a bigger spot.  I love the food...i adore the decor (all Emma Gardner skeleton paintings).  The service...hit or miss.  Yesterday it took an hour to get our food.  Good thing it was a lazy day!  I had Don snap this photo of me only because I wanted a photo of the roller derby pin up girls.  Artists tend to not like their work photographed so we snuck this in.  I had hoped to get the girl with the unicorn in it for Kelly & Danielle to see, but I didn't want to risk getting busted (the artist is also a waitress there).

After MartAnne's we lingered around downtown, stopping by Aspen Sports (who happened to be having a killer sale on some things we needed) & then Seasoned Kitchen for a new french press.

In the past 6-8 months, we've managed to break four Bodum glass french presses.  If they didn't make such good coffee I would have thrown in the towel & replaced our coffee maker.  When I busted the last one on Friday I decided it was time for a tough we couldn't break.  Ended up with this Frieling Stainless Steel one.  It's indestructible.  Should have bought the good one to being with.  It's amazing!

After coffee, we headed to Fatman's Loop at the base of Mt. Elden.  It's about 2 miles of lots of switchbacks.  It takes about 50 minutes to do the whole thing.  I like to go up the super steep part...I'm a much better climber than descender.

The distance from the parking lot to each of these trails.  There is a huge pipeline trail that connects all sorts of Mt. Elden trails.  You can end up here starting out from the west side of town, if you're so inclined.

We're still a little barren from winter, but this is view of East Flagstaff from close to the top of the trail.  Don & I both remarked that the trail looked completely different with nothing in bloom yet.  

This just made me laugh...

When we were done, we headed to Home Depot for some paint for the bedroom.  A project for Don!  Then home, where I wrote a letter to my pen pal, a friend in Ohio & one in Texas & soaked in the sun.  It was windy, but the sun felt so good!  The chickens were hanging out with me too, in the shade on the deck.

It was truly a great weekend!  Still, I could use another day off...two days are just not enough...

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