Sunday, March 3, 2013

Devil's Bridge

I have spring fever something fierce.  I'm so tired of the cold & the wind.  All I want is to spend a day not wearing my down coat, even though I love it.  So a couple Sunday's ago Don, Kendall & I headed to Sedona to hike to Devil's Bridge.  The day was beautiful...warm!  The hike was amazing!

This is the top of Devil's Bridge.  It looks really unassuming...but it's a long way down!  I walked out 1/2 way over the bridge & had to stop.  My fear of heights got the better of me.

A safe distance from the middle.

From the middle of the bridge, looking at Kendall on the cliffs (the one ignoring me).  She was totally ticked off we made her hike 1/2 mile straight uphill.  So ticked she missed out on the bridge.

We almost didn't take this little off shoot trail to see it from the bottom.  (Kendall chose to sit this out).  In my opinion, it's the best part!  (This is one of my self portraits from my Be Your Own Beloved class).

She was a little happier on the way down...

I looked for weeks for hearts for my photo class...couldn't find a single one.  Now, I'm seeing everywhere.  Billions of them!

I truly loved this hike!  I love climbing uphill...I do not like coming back down.  Scares me to death.  So much so that I've started doing the stairs in the dome a few times a week to try to strengthen whatever muscles you use to go downhill.  It seems to be working.

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