Friday, March 8, 2013

A few things I love this Friday

I love Fridays.  I love that tomorrow is a day off with no plans (a miracle).  We're about to get a nice big snow storm, so hopefully, we'll be tucked away at home all day....crafting & watching movies.

I love this heart so much...I either need to figure out how to make it or find where to buy it.  Makes me smile every time I run across it on my phone.

I love this self portrait attempt.  I had set my Gorillacam on 10 continuous shots & the dogs & I walked towards it.  It cracks me up how Maggie's paw is right there.

My redesigned wall-o-photos.  Mostly new photos...and a new arrangement.  The canvas in the middle was a deal off Amazon Local.  It's it!

Changed this wall up, too.  The two big photos are Kendall's senior photos.  The word picture is surrounded by photos of my nieces & nephews holding their I Love You hearts.  It makes me happy.

Indian Gardens Storefront in Summer

 (image:  oak creek market)

My new favorite destination on the road to Sedona: the Oak Creek Market at Indian Gardens.  They have the best little cafe in there.  Their shelves are stocked with reasonably priced snacks & drinks, much of which are local & organic.  I had their Ferrari sandwich yesterday & it was heavenly.  They use Sedona Fireside Coffee favorite (though I might be a little off on the name).  You can buy the beans at Bookman's, but honestly, a little trip through Oak Creek Canyon will be worth your while.

Happy Friday!


  1. Oh Happy Day - Jordan Ferney's blog has the instructions to make the heart that you are admiring. It seems completely doable and uses easy to find supplies. I would love to see what you turn up from a project like that! Audra

  2. Great pics! I love the one with Maggie's paw & your feet! Very cool!
    Nice post, too!
    Happy Saturday… hope you have fun!!! :)
    Love U!

  3. I love your photo walls. I may need you to come over and help me walls are blank and desperate need of me to print some things out and hang them up. Your photos are great and the one with you and Maggies paw...way cool. I love it.