Sunday, February 10, 2013


Don & I have been hosting a kids crafting day for the past couple of holidays.  We love spending a few hours doing fun stuff with the kids!  I'm pretty sure they had a blast too!  This Saturday we:  made paper collage picture frames out of old game boards, cut out big hearts & decorated them, made valentines, decorated sugar cookies, melted rolos into pretzels, dipped strawberries in chocolate, watched old Disney movies (The Aristocats & Fern Gully (not Disney)) & just had fun.

The kids really seem to enjoy our time together...I know Don & I do!  It's fast paced, energetic & filled with laughs.  What's not to love?


  1. So cute! Love seeing all those smiling faces and big red hearts.
    Looking forward to a meditation update from you... I am not taking a class but am trying to develop a meditation practice. I have officially moved off the overnight shift as of this week so am looking forward to a more regular schedule for things like meditation (I'll be on second shift which is more my natural rhythm.)

  2. I again state - you are the best Auntie - EVER! Audra

  3. You're such a great pair! I'm sure the kids really look forward to spending time with you! Love you guys!!!