Tuesday, February 5, 2013


I mentioned in another post that I signed up for a self portrait class & an insight meditation class. I'm on day 5 of the self portraits, though I skipped day four. Sometimes the topics are uncomfortable, but more than that, I was just in a funk & didn't want to do it. Maybe tomorrow I'll catch up. I do love the Flickr group & seeing all these wonderful self portraits. They are pretty amazing!

As for the meditation class, it started tonight. I honestly think it will be wonderful! The people leading it are normal, everyday people with this clam presence...I strive for that! Tonight we did two meditations, just short ones. I thought the intruding thoughts & random twitches were going to drive me nuts! But maybe not... Our "homework" is 20 minutes of meditation once or twice a day until the next class. 20 minutes of quiet? Yes, please!

Here are a couple of my self portraits from today:

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  1. Should that be a calm presence? A clam presence made me giggle. Just what you need - a smarty pants first thing in the morning! Audra