Monday, February 25, 2013

Plodding along...

Blogging has not been at the top of my priority list lately. I can't say I'm any busier than usual...just lack of motivation, I guess. I've had plenty to say...probably better that most of it hasn't been written down to be held against me at a later date. Teenagerdom is is not easy to navigate for the teen or the parents. I seem to be the recipient of much of her angst. As you know, I'm not so great at letting it roll off my shoulders. The hardest part is that she wants to be an adult SO bad...but not really. And I want to let her be an adult but don't know how to back off on the mothering. {sigh} first world problems I know.

My meditation class had been going well! It's interesting. Tomorrow is my 4th class (out of 6). It's Insight Meditation & basically you sit in a "comfortable" position for 20 minutes and just breathe. When a thought pops into your head (and trust me, you can't keep them out, its called monkey brain) you ignore it & go back to concentrating on your breath. Sometimes the 20 minutes flies by...other times it feels like an eternity. I do feel some of the effects though. I feel calmer, generally. I've been listening to an audio book & find I'm actually paying attention. Thats new. Insight Meditation teaches you to live in the moment. Tonight I listened to a podcast on my Stitcher app that was Metta (its about love & forgiveness). I liked the podcast much more than just sitting quietly. I know the sitting quietly is important, but listening to the prompts made time fly...and it made me feel like I was getting it right. Last week my teachers told us about a two day Vippasana meditation retreat coming up in Flagstaff. I'm seriously considering it (its free). I'm that intrigued by it...

The other thing I've been doing is taking a 28 day self photography class, Be Your Own Beloved. I find it to be so inspiring to see the types of photos the other 120 people are they view themselves...their creativity. I am seriously loving it! Even loving it as I do, I find some prompts to be very difficult & I put them off. I'm either really caught up or really behind. Today I'm really behind. And I'm ok with that.

Here's a photo from my walk tonight with Maggie & Ori. I went with the intention of taking photos for my class...ended up playing instead:

Sunday, February 10, 2013


Don & I have been hosting a kids crafting day for the past couple of holidays.  We love spending a few hours doing fun stuff with the kids!  I'm pretty sure they had a blast too!  This Saturday we:  made paper collage picture frames out of old game boards, cut out big hearts & decorated them, made valentines, decorated sugar cookies, melted rolos into pretzels, dipped strawberries in chocolate, watched old Disney movies (The Aristocats & Fern Gully (not Disney)) & just had fun.

The kids really seem to enjoy our time together...I know Don & I do!  It's fast paced, energetic & filled with laughs.  What's not to love?

Tuesday, February 5, 2013


I mentioned in another post that I signed up for a self portrait class & an insight meditation class. I'm on day 5 of the self portraits, though I skipped day four. Sometimes the topics are uncomfortable, but more than that, I was just in a funk & didn't want to do it. Maybe tomorrow I'll catch up. I do love the Flickr group & seeing all these wonderful self portraits. They are pretty amazing!

As for the meditation class, it started tonight. I honestly think it will be wonderful! The people leading it are normal, everyday people with this clam presence...I strive for that! Tonight we did two meditations, just short ones. I thought the intruding thoughts & random twitches were going to drive me nuts! But maybe not... Our "homework" is 20 minutes of meditation once or twice a day until the next class. 20 minutes of quiet? Yes, please!

Here are a couple of my self portraits from today:

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Menu Planning, Week 4

I'm learning that as much as I plan for meals on Friday night, something happens & we end up eating out.  This past Friday, Don & I went to Pato Thai for yellow curry.  It was a late lunch, so dinner wasn't necessary.  I'll keep Fridays on there a few weeks longer & we'll see what happens. 

All of the recipes we had last week were super tasty!  Obviously, we didn't get to eat the Chicken with Basil, but all the others were outstanding!  Here's this weeks menu:

Chipotle Steak Salad

Lazy Sunday Caserole

Greek Quesadillas

Mongolion Beef

Buffalo Chicken Wraps

Thai Coconut Curry Soup

This week has some oddities in our we'll see how it goes.  I really do like this menu planning!  And I love that we're not eating the same stuff week after week.  We had the Chipotle Steak Salad last night...tasty!