Tuesday, January 1, 2013

One Little Word

Every year Ali Edwards encourages her readers to pick a word that will help guide them through the coming year.  (You can read about it here.)  I've spent far too much time analyzing my potential words for this year...bounced ideas off friends (not always liking the answers)...picking one...then not.  Giving up...then not. I always expect my word to have this profound impact on my life, but truthfully, it usually doesn't.  I focus on it for January & then, poof, it's gone.  Although the year I picked "free" I did free myself from my store & that was much needed. 

My word for 2013?  Be.  Be present.  Be happy.  Be nice.  Be me.  No pressure.  Just be.


  1. Excellent choice my friend! Be fabulous. Be content. Be adventurous. Be naughty. Be creative. Be . . .


  2. I love it. It is a great word and leaves so much room for interpretation. It was very helpful to me several years ago... and I hope you find the same comfort from it that I did.

  3. I like the word and the picture… but I LOVE the woman (and her dog)! :)