Monday, January 14, 2013

Menu Planning

I am a lucky, lucky girl.  I have a husband who doesn't mind cooking for us.  So I let him.  Occasionally I'll do the cooking, but hey, if he's on board with it, then so am I!  Cooking is not one of my favorite activities.  I have A D D when it comes to recipes...I start reading them & then think this is so easy & then skip the rest of the recipe, creating a less than spectacular meal.  The last couple of years at the PD, Don would get off way before me & as long as I had a menu posted, he'd make what was on the menu & dinner would be waiting for me when I got home.  No questions asked.  It was (is) awesome!  As long as that menu is there, that's what we eat.  Forget to make a menu?  Then I was stopping somewhere on the way home to get dinner.  While eating out every night sound lovely, it is not healthy for our waistlines or our wallet.  

Usually, I just write out a menu on a scap piece of paper or the back on an envelope 5 minutes before I head to the grocery store.  This means that we eat the same things over & over…just in a different order.  Boring.   Audra started using eight different menus that she rotates.  In an eight week period, they don’t eat the same thing twice.  I’ve been mulling over doing this myself…even created a template in excel forever ago…but just never got around to it.  Until Friday night.

I had this bright idea that if I were going to collect recipes on Pinterest, I should actually try those recipes.  So I created three weeks worth of menus, recipes & shopping lists for us to rotate.  A far cry from eight weeks, but it’s a place to start.  Here’s my menu for this week:

Tacos los Altos is one of our favorite spots for lunch & dinner.  It's cheap & it's fantastic!  I've tried to make their tacos before, but it just did not work out for me.  Bland & blah.  In my Pinterest perusing I found a link for cooking better chicken.  One of the reasons I don’t enjoy chicken is because it’s bland & gross.  This was something i needed to try...and it was wonderful!  It made all the difference!  And my tacos?  Tasted just like Tacos los Altos! 

Sunday:  For my mom's birthday party, I was told what to bring:  Coconut Shrimp & Chocolate Cake.  Yum!

Monday:  OMG Ribs

Tuesday:  Ravioli & Salad, only because I have two bags of ravioli in the freezer

Wednesday:  Roasted Tomato & Bacon Soup & Parmesan Garlic Toast

Thursday:  Leftover night or figure it out yourself.  Don & I take leftovers to work for lunch, so likely this will mean a trip to Subway.  Just keeping it real.

Friday:  Don's birthday & he picked pizza.  Having a little party at NiMarco's Pizza (best pizza ever!)

I have two more weeks of menus to try out.  I'll post them each week, as well as what worked & what didn't work.  These are all untested recipes...should be interesting!


  1. We are big fans of untested recipes at our house. Ok - truth be told, only one of us is a big fan, the other would rather eat cheese sandwiches than try anything new.

    I always grill chicken for any chicken recipe. Makes a big difference that way too!

    Were the tacos baked or fried? Audra

  2. The chicken was seared in some oil & then baked. Then I shredded it and tossed it in with some sautéed onions & jalapeños. Yum!

    1. Have you tried the Kitchen Aid shredding method? Seems if you put just cooked chicken into your Kitchen Aid - while it is still hot - and turn it on - shredded chicken in seconds. Audra