Sunday, January 20, 2013

Menu Planning, Week 2

Last weeks menu was pretty darn good!  The roasted tomato & bacon soup was my favorite...but I'd recommend not blending the bacon into the soup.  It was too much.  A little smidge on top would be perfect!

Here's this weeks menu:

Red Chilie-Cheese Enchiladas:  A favorite recipe from Cooking Light that we've been making for years.  Kendall doesn't particularly like enchiladas, so we don't have them as often as I'd like.  They make awesome leftovers, too!

Hawaiian Meatballs: Can't wait to try these!

Chile Rubbed Pollo Soup:  It's been so cold lately, all I seem to want is soup.

Penne Bake:  It's always good to have pasta on a night I'm not home.  Not my favorite.

Buffalo Chicken Rolls:  These look tasty!

Yellow Curry with Rice: I am addicted to yellow curry from Pato Thai.  Hoping this lives up to my expectations!

I kinda biffed the whole menu thing last night (red chilie-cheese enchiladas).   Both Don & Kendall were home sick & I went for a walk with my friend Kim because I had to get out of the house & all these sick cooties.  Football games drive me out, too.  When we were done walking Kim & I went to Bookman's & had coffee.  It was getting late so I texted Don & told him I'd pick up Tacos los Altos on my way home because I was so he wouldn't have to cook.  I didn't get the message back that he had already made dinner.  So we'll be having the enchiladas scheduled for tonight, tomorrow.  I'm not sure what we're going to give up this all looks so good!

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