Saturday, January 5, 2013

Holiday Break

Yesterday ended my two week Christmas vacation.  And it didn't really end...I only had to work 4 hours then I'm off til Monday.  I love that I was able to have so much time off, oh man it was awesome!  I accomplished much during my two weeks off:  Christmas, lots of walks with Audra, going through the house & getting rid of unnecessary objects, lots of movies (Les Miserables...hated it, This is, it was ok, Jack favorite & The Silver Linings Playbook...entertaining), a trip to Phoenix to get picture frames & hang out with Jen, hanging out with Mindy, learned how to use my new photo printer, got to use my new craft table & more!

It was really nice that Audra was able to alter her normal work out schedule to accommodate walking more with me.  She traded a nice, warm gym for walking in the dark, with temps anywhere from -2 to 15 degrees.  Audra is crucial to my sanity...everyone needs an Audra, however, you may not have mine.  Don't even try.  Here we are New Year's Day (we walked late that day...7 am!):

Yes, that is frost in our hair.   When the temp is below 5 your breath will cause frost in your hair & make you look like a snowman.  I'm always afraid to touch mine...that it will break off.  Both the dogs had frozen whiskers...and Maggie (on the left) had frost on her bushy tail.  Don't feel sorry for the dogs...they don't really care what the temps are (though below zero makes their paws tender).  They were perfectly happy to be out for a walk.

Don & I started watching this on New Year's Day:

I had honestly no desire to watch it, but at the suggestion of some friends, thought we'd give it a try.  Zombie apocalypse?  Yeah...  Turns out, we love it!  We watched Season 1 & most of Season 2 since Tuesday.  It's a pretty good story...aside from the zombie gore.

My mom & I got to go to Phoenix, where she hung out with my Aunt Linda (on the left) & I hung out with my cousin, Jen.  It was a quick trip but a lot of fun!  We ended it with a trip to Trader Joe' know, if we had one in Flagstaff I'd spend less money.  Their fun treats would be less of a novelty.  Instead, I spent a fortune & loved just being there.  Silly, I know.

Friday I worked a little bit...yes I left a note for those who'd be by the office that I'd be back.  And yes, my desk is always that tidy.  I may not be able to control the mess at my house without going insane, but my little cubical is neat & tidy.  Always.

My friend Mindy came over & we hung out & chit chatted.  It was so nice!  I worked on my Project Life (I mentioned it in this post)...title page done!  And she made these adorable hearts to hang at her house...which I failed to get a photo of.

Now the house is quiet.  Kendall is getting ready for work.  My desk is cleaned off.  I just may go take a nap.   


  1. Happy to see you back here. Love your new header!

  2. As always, fun morning with you!!! It was nice to BE with you.

  3. Love that you're posting again! Keep up the great work!

  4. Hello! Loved reading this update. your short and to the point movie reviews crack me up. I have a similar desk at work- we'd be good office mates! I am a little jealous of the walking companion and cannot believe that you two walked so early and in such cold! The way you feel about Trader Joes is how I feel about World Market : ) Although I am not sure that I would give up the TJs that is 10 minutes up the street for a WM! I have to have a friend over soon to make some art- looks like fun. I am not doing Project Life but love seeing yours unfold- those snowy photos of you and your family are awesome! I'm starting a 2 week vacation this week so I am looking forward to doing some similar activities!

    1. Hi Beth! Good to see you here!

      I LOVE my walking companion! I don't think I'd go without her :)

      Enjoy your two weeks off. It was absolutely necessary for my sanity...I'm so glad I took it off!

      And I quit WM in October. I still love to shop there though. Saving tons of money by not working there...ha!

      Have a GREAT vacation!

  5. Thanks for taking me along for the ride! Looking forward to more frosty mornings and cool temperatures! Audra

  6. Hey, I know Mindy! Glad you go so much done! :)