Sunday, January 13, 2013

Happy Birthday Mom!

My mom sent me this photo is so her!  Happy Birthday to my favorite person in the world!  I love you!  We're having a party for her this afternoon & Annalea (she's 9) & I worked on a project using photos of my mom through the years.  I saw so many great photos of my mom...ones I had never seen before!  And when you see some of the photos, you will wonder if it's my mom or if it's me.  We look quite a bit alike when we were younger.  Here are some of my favorites:

I have often looked at photos of my mom, grandmother & me at this age & I can't tell them apart.

A dog lover from the start!

This is an AJ face.

This could be me...but it's not.

So could this one.  My mom & her dad in Karachi.

I love how carefree & fancy she looks!  And check out the heels!  Have you ever seen her wear heels?

The year before I was born.  She was in Germany, where she met my dad.    I love this's so very 60's!

She's not serious all the time...haha!  Love this!

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  1. Adore the last photo! Happy Birthday Andi! Audra