Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Making Progress

  1. Project Life in 2013.  Yep.  I'm going to do it.  For those of you non-scrapbookers, it's a system of sorts to get your photos for the year documented.  One week at a time.  A two year hiatus from scrapbooking is plenty.
  2. Speaking of photos, I'm going to print all the photos I've not printed this year.  This weekend.  I've uploaded them, that counts for something, right?
  3. World Domination Summit {WDS}.  "It's all about unconventional, remarkable people coming together for a weekend of adventure." I'm going with my friend Heather.  It's so outside of my comfort zone it's terrifying.  I can't wait!
  4. Twitter.  I'm ditching you.  Maybe not just're still active.  But soon...bye bye birdie!  Twitter is gone...though I can revive it in 29 days, should I choose to...
  5. Beaches.  I am not living this life without frequent beach visits.  Doesn't have to be an ocean can be a lake beach.  
  6. Purging.  The house.  The garage.  The shed.  If I don't love it, it's outta here. Clothes are purged.  Mine & Don's.  Kendall better look out!
  7. Teeny, tiny houses.  Don & I disagree on this immensely.  I want a teeny tiny house.  Like 600 square feet.  He says he doesn't want to go outside to change his underwear.  I'll keep working on him.  He has a few years to get used to the idea.
  8. I'm going to see every one of my friends in the next year.  The one in Oregon.  The one in Missouri.  The friends scattered all over the country.  The family in Oklahoma, Texas, Phoenix, Tucson.  They can come to me, or I'm coming to them.  So look out.  I just visited four in Texas!  An old high school friend, Brian (who saved my butt in physics), Tricia, Judy & Laura.  
  9. Painting.  Creating.  
  10. Smiling.  People, I am smiling on the inside all the time.  Sometimes (ok a lot of the time) the exterior doesn't show it.  I'm working on it.  I really am a happy girl :)
  11. Road trips.  I have lived in Arizona my whole life.  I've never been to the White Mountains.  I haven't been to a lot of places.  Time to break out the Weird Arizona book again & drive.
  12. I haven't been to New Mexico, either.  Going there too.
  13. Juicing.  Time to get back on that wagon.  It's so good! 
  14. New clothes.  Ones that fit.  Flatter.  Aren't unraveling.  No more buying stuff because it's on the clearance rack.  No more keeping stuff that I hate. 
  15. Noticing a theme here?  If I don't like doesn't serve a has no meaning...outta here!
  16. Roller derby.  I'm going.  I'm not playing {dang it!}, but I'm going.  Friday night!  Woohoo!
  17. I'm going to learn to make my favorite Thai food.  Maybe take a cooking class.
  18. Oh, and cupcakes?  Come to mama!  Time to start baking again.  Why'd I give that up?
  19. Continuing on with my piggy bank/trip to the bookstore with my nieces & nephews.  When we come full circle & the first one is back at the head of the line, they're getting a little bag of gold coins & dinner & a movie with Auntie & Uncle.  They seem to really like our outings...I love them.  Saturday, it's a date with Sean!
  20. I'm not reading books I don't like anymore.  Tell the Wolves I'm Home?  WTF People Magazine?  And the same with The Family Fang.  Five stars?  Are you kidding me?  The Perks of Being a Wallflower?  How freaking depressing.  Didn't love the new Happiner at Home either.  Don't judge me for reading fluff.  Just read A Knight in Shining Armor by Jude Deveraux.  Or the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon.  Or any Dean Koontz book.  Or even the fluffy Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evanovich.  Those all make me happy.  Don't think I only like smut or Dean Koontz.  The Fault In Our Stars is a new favorite.  And if you'd like to laugh your ass off at total inappropriateness, Let's Pretend This Never Happened by Jenny Lawson made me laugh out loud!
  21. Put some new photos in frames.  And hang them up.
  22. Continue taking classes at NAU just because they are fun.  Mmmmm....I may take the spring semester off to deal with Kendall's college & graduation stuff.
  23. Re-join the Athletic Club or start going to a regular yoga class at a yoga studio.  Oooohhh, it's almost cold enough for me to venture back into Bikram....lovely heat....
  24. Listen to more music.  Talk radio is making me old.  I've been working on this.  It's hard to break the talk radio cycle.  It's a cult, I'm telling you!
  25. Get a couple more chickens.  I love those little cluckers.

That's My Job...

Kendall & I have been fighting like two teenagers.  Or rather two toddlers.  It's not been pretty.  Let me apologize now to anyone who has had to witness these fights or hear about them.  We love each other, but you wouldn't be able to tell it from the way we've behaved.  ANYWAY, I'm driving home from work tonight listening to this fabulous Sirius "old" country station...I think it's called Pure Country and it's around channel 58 or so...and by old country, it's country music from the late 80's, early 90's (and some before).  It's the stuff Don & I listened to when we were dating...before talk radio consumed my life & made me old.  ANYWAY, this song came on by Conway Twitty (Travis Tritt sings it too) that I love.  I always have.  But when I started singing along, I started bawling.  Good thing I was alone.  I'm listening to it now while I'm typing & I'm getting all teary eyed again....ANYWAY, this song sums up Kendall & I...even though it's a song about a Dad & son.  Grab a kleenex.

While you're at it...this song makes me cry every single time I hear it...but it is one of my all time favorites.  It was on this morning.  Maybe I'm menopausal...

Now go watch some Con Air :)

Monday, November 12, 2012


I'm sitting in an adorable little kitchen in Richardson, Texas getting ready to load up the rental car & head to the airport. I'm struck by the beauty of my friend Tricia's hospitality...her honesty...her welcomeness. She made Kendall & I feel like this was exactly where we were supposed to be. We talked college. We talked life. We created. We hung out with Laura & Judy. It truly was a lovely weekend. Tricia is one of those people who makes you feel like you've been best friends your whole life.

It's hard to go on a college visit with your daughter & not project your feelings about the place on to her. The campus was beautiful, but it's not Flagstaff. The dorms were a little ghetto, but that's not how she saw them. Do I think she'd do better closer to home? Absolutely! But it is not my choice to make. All I can do is take her to these visits & help her compare. Ultimately, the choice is hers (no matter how frustrating it is that she doesn't seem to care about the distance or he enormous cost of tuition she will have to bear). visit down, two to go. Four friends visited. More visits in the works. A clearer path for filled with bumps & muck for her. A bunch of growing up for both us us.