Monday, October 22, 2012

Where do you start when you're so far behind?  The beginning of our trip to Oregon/Washington seems like just the right spot.

Leaving on a jet plane.  We drove 2 1/2 hours to Phoenix to catch this plane that flew right back over home.  This happens to be the Grand Canyon, but seriously, we saw the NAU Skydome, for heaven's sake!

Let's skip right on ahead.

Lake Oswego.  This guy is passionate about politics...maybe a little strange?

The art around Lake Oswego is really cool!  

Um, really?

Fiery Thai food at my friend Heather's favorite Thai spot.

Of course I had to have yellow curry...

I took this photo because I figured my mom would love it.  It ended up being one of my favorite pieces.

Antropologie rarely gets it wrong.  These paper flowers were amazing!

Heather & me.  Some of you may remember when she worked for me at the store.  The nicest person ever.  Seriously.

It was only 1 1/4 miles to the top.

Don worked with Heather at City Court.  You'd think they were long lost best friends. 

This one poison oak sign caused all sorts of worry for me.  You see the sign, you start itching.  You stop to pee on the side of the road & your companions yell out, "don't get poison oak on your butt!"  Way to start an obsession, guys, thanks.
(And when I broke out in a major rash a few days later, I was CERTAIN it was poison oak.  Yeah, it was probably a reaction to some shellfish, but hey, I told, you...obsession!)

The very top of Multnomah Falls.  

The entrance to Timberline Lodge on Mt. Hood.  Loved this lodge!

Yeah, that's snow.  And it's about 85 degrees right there.  Go figure.

Smokey Bear.  Not Smokey the Bear.  Ask my mom.  She'll tell you.

There were carved bear heads everywhere.  My favorite story about the lodge is that the federal government shut them down in the 1950's for rampant prostitution & gambling.  A private person had to come in & convince the government that they could make the place reputable again.  And they did. 

Let me tell you a little story about this Portland, Oregon sign.  I had seen the sign for like a millisecond when I was driving through in 2009.  And I knew I wanted a nighttime shot.  We had dinner with some friends from Flagstaff that night.  He happens to be a Deputy up that way.  I told him I really, really wanted a photo of that sign.  Dennis kept telling me how I really, really did not want that photo.  I am stubborn & I really wanted that photo!  So Dennis & his girlfriend found a way to get us to the sign...right in the middle of a homeless village.  He kept warning me the whole way that the homeless live under the sign & that he didn't bring his gun & that I was nuts.  We get to the sign & hop out of the truck...right into the middle of a huge homeless community.  Complete with porta potties & hand washing stations...we run all over trying to get a photo of the sign, which we are standing right under!  But there are so many trees, I cannot get a clear shot to save my life.  So we hop back in the truck & drive all over hell & gone & end up across the river...and my damn zoom won't zoom close enough.  I thought I was going to have to make him take me back...then Don shows me what he took with his phone...

(Please note:  the homeless were totally harmless.  They didn't even wake up to yell at us.  They just slept & went about their own business.  I have no idea why he was so uptight about it.  Especially because this is the guy who told us we had to go to Victoria, British Columbia, where we saw tweakers on every corner, were pan handled & watched a crack deal go down.  A story for another day.  But damn, Dennis!  The people in Portland were harmless in comparison!)

Oh, thank God!
Then I tell Dennis I want to go to Voodoo Donuts.  Hello?  Have you not watched the Food Network?  How can you go to Portland and not go to Voodoo Donuts?   Dennis wonders outloud why anyone would want to go to a stupid place where you have to wait 90 minutes in the middle of the night for a damn donut.  But he took us there anyway.  And the donuts?  Best donuts I've ever had.  In this lifetime.  Seriously.  Oh, and the wait? 10 minutes.

Bad photo but too hilarious not to post!
Then I made Dennis drive me around downtown Portland.  He did not enjoy that.  I found it to be eclectic & awesome!   We drove by Portland State University.  And the one mile park where the Occupy Portland protestors hung out.  By the time I saw Powell's books, I felt I'd pushed my luck too far.  Good thing I'm going back in July.  I bet Heather won't mind if we spend all day in there.

Heather & her husband Bill took us to their favorite breakfast spot.  I should have looked in the pastry cases first...I would have just had dessert for breakfast (though my breakfast was very, very good!)

I bought a ninja.  She was really tasty.

Heather & I shared these macaroons (my first ever!).  So yummy!

Art at a park near downtown Lake Oswego.

My favorite show right now is Once Upon a Time & this apple sculpture is right out of that show.

Ok.  So I was a little wrong about the theme.  But watch the show.  You'll see what I mean.

Our famer's market is not nearly this cool.

 Had I known this place was famous & I'd read about it in Whole Living, I totally would have had ice cream for breakfast.

Best tomatoes I've ever eaten.

The farmer's market has a little pet sitting service for your pets while you shop.  They provide water & the dogs get a little extra loving while you're away.

Oh look.  Mia's twin.

I wanted this sweetie pie to come home with me.  But alas, they are not rescue dogs...they have owners.

So that's what they call 'em now...

Have no idea what the hell these are, but they're cool!

So that is the readers digest condensed version of the Portland/Lake Oswego portion of our journey (2 out of 10 days!)  We had a blast with Heather, who was an amazing tour guide.  It was great to see Dennis after his being gone from Flagstaff for some 15 years.  I loved that area so much!  I may need to visit again in the rainy season (you know, the rest of the year) so I don't just pack up & move away!

Here's a preview of Seattle (many days later)...I just couldn't wait another second to show it to you!
 Look at who's on duty.  Ha!


  1. LOVE the photos! Can't wait to see Seattle!

  2. Oh my - that other dog looks a bit like Maggie! Was Ori there too? Audra

  3. A GIGANTIC blog post from my favorite blogess.... now this makes me so very happy.