Friday, September 14, 2012

Wall Draw III

Kendall & I participated in Wall Draw III today at the Beasley Gallery in the Performing & Arts building on campus.  What a fun project!  You get to paint whatever you want on the wall!  We went at lunch...I had Kendall grab us sandwiches from Subway & pick me up at work & headed over to the gallery.  When we got there, my jaw just dropped to the ground.

What a fantastic place!  A fantastic idea!  I love this!  And not just because I get extra credit for participating.  I would have done it regardless of the extra points!  These students have such talent...such imagination...I just stood there in awe!  The room is large...much space, many corners to create your drawing.  The options are endless!  I could tell what was drawn by the guys...dragons, wolves, guns, drama, hannibal lecter the teddy bear...and the symbols, flowers, hearts, peaceful.  I suspect "trypsy gypsy" is a girl.  I asked Kendall to think about what she wanted to draw before we went...I'm pretty sure other thoughts consumed her mind.  She drew this:

Balloons floating in the breeze & a hat flying by.  I'm sure there's some symbolism here...

From the moment I thought, "I need a plan", I knew I was going to draw an aspen tree with our initials "carved" into it.  How to execute?  Not so sure.  This is what I ended up with:

I loved every moment of it!  Kendall finished first & came over to me & said, "wow, mom, you put way more thought into this than I did".  Maybe.  But I really, really wanted to do this.

I cannot wait for the gallery opening to see how this all comes together!  Very cool!