Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Drawing & Things

Today was day three of yoga.  I've been to many yoga classes over the years...not so often in the last few months, but quite a few.  Never have I fallen asleep in shavasna (corpse pose) at the end of class.  Never.  Until today, that is. And I'm not even quite sure I fell asleep.  My mind was still racing.  I just couldn't clear it.  Next thing I know I hear snoring.  And I'm pretty sure it was me.  Here's hoping it was all in my head & none of my classmates heard me.  But lets be real, I'm sure they did.  And I'm sure they got a good chuckle out of it.  Me?  I'm just a tiny bit embarrassed.  But only a tiny bit.

This weekend I had homework for my drawing fundamentals class.  An interior blind drawing, a self portrait.  A contour drawing.  Let me just say that my contour drawing was no better than it was the first time we tried them.  Not my skill, apparently.

My computer on the deck table, with a glass of wine & my phone.  Hahahaha!

I started with the hair.  For some reason, I thought I could do better if I stared with my chin on the next one.  That would be least #1 kinda looks like me.

I'm sorry, but hahahahaha!  

I absolutely love how the palm of my hand turned out.  The rest?  It's ok to call it lame.

Mia, lying on my bed.  Love this. Might even be my favorite!

Tonight's assignment was stippling.  We had to draw whatever we pulled out of a paper bag.  And we had to position it so it was composed correctly.  Then you had to add in a back ground to give it context.  I had a bag of zoo animals.  A tiger, lion, giraffe, ape & rhino.  See why I chose what I did?  We only had to draw three, thank heavens!  We were able to lightly sketch the outline & then had to stipple (tiny little dots) the entire picture.  The kids in class are amazing!  I have a long way to go, but other than the lions face, this is pretty awesome! 

I'm loving my classes!  Already planning on classes for the fall...maybe print making...or painting!  The opportunities are endless!

Speaking of opportunities, Kendall & I have been researching college options.  Talking about student loans (yick!), the Arizona schools & what they have to offer (she's not interested) & generally trying to come up with a plan.  For the first time in months we are getting along.  Could it be the fear of turning 18 on Friday?  She is not looking forward to that.  Or maybe she needs help with the college thing.  Whatever the reason, thank you!


  1. Your palm turned out awesome! I love it... and so happy that you love the class.

  2. You're doing great! I love the one of Mia on the bed!

  3. Oh - the stipple! My mom has one of me on the shoreline and she titled Born Free, I have been trying to get my hands on it for 20 years now - she can't find it. Yours turned out - AWESOME! Not at all what I picture when you said the Lion and Tiger were eating the Giraffe. And Mia on the bed - LOVE IT! I think your shoe turned out nicely and the self portraits are priceless. Oh what fun this is to watch unfold! Audra