Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The First Day of School

Today was my first day of college since May, 1989.  I read this book called "The Happiness Project" & the gal who wrote it took this really quick drawing class where she was able to turn her artwork from that of a second grade level to something pretty spectacular.  I read that and thought, well heck, I can do that!  So I enrolled in a drawing fundamentals class...and a yoga class, because, hey, if I have to pay all those fees, I might as well take that, too. 

Yoga was first up today.  During my lunch from my new job (which I LOVE!).  I walk into a class with about 50 toddlers, oops, I mean freshmen.  I am fairly certain I am the oldest person in the class...though there is one gal that if I saw her with my glasses on, might be older than me.  Maybe.  Class was led by a 20 something year old who teaches at The Yoga Experience, which is a place that I enjoy classes.  The class had a lot of "don't come late, turn off your phone" kinda stuff & then we got to showing those who'd never done yoga some basic poses.  All I could think of was "sheesh!  can we just move along already?"  Yeah, until the very first pose, child's pose, & I came out of it with what felt like a knife in my shoulder blades.   Ahhh, this 45 year old body takes some acclimating!  The rest of the poses were great...some aches & pains, but I noticed that I was more flexible than quite a bit of the 18 year olds in there, so that made me happy!

Then tonight was my Drawing Fundamentals class.  My mom is the artist.  Kendall is the artist.  I can't draw a stick figure to save my life.  Sitting there listening to the teacher tell all the students the supplies we will have to purchase (cha ching!) & her expectations (very high!) I notice in the syllabus that you may not miss more than three classes.  I have no intention of missing more than three classes, but I know 100% that I will miss three classes in a row.   Remember a few months back I mentioned that I was going to an amazing mixed media art retreat in Seattle?  Yeah, that's in September.  So not only will I miss three classes, they will be all at the beginning, you know, where it's important to attend.  Dang.  I emailed the teacher to confess...we shall see if she'll let me stay in the class or if I need to drop it.  Anyway, after all the lecturing about not missing classes & buying a crap load of supplies, she tells us that we have to pull a bag out of this garbage bag & draw the contents.  I'd have taken a photo of my pathetic rendering of nuts & washers, but phones are not permitted in class.  I couldn't even draw a circle that didn't look like it had been squashed.  Hello?!  I'm taking a drawing class because I need to learn how to draw!  Then I peek over at my tiny little neighbor & she has rendered a perfect drawing of a nutcracker & walnuts!  Well, shit!  I am starting out this class at the back of the pack already & now I have to tell her I need to miss three classes?  Do not be surprised if she tells me to pursue, oh, computer science.


Hopefully next week I will still have two classes.  If not, at least I'll have yoga & this awesome retreat to look forward to!  I AM creative & talented.  Just maybe not in drawing....


  1. I am laughing over here. Sounds like the EXACT kind of inner monologue I have with myself over everything.

    On a serious note, I do hope that these classes become what you what and that you learn to draw a circle. Mine too, are always squashed or have a large bump.


  2. There will be something that you will exceed at that the toddlers (oops - freshman)will not be able to do, you know - like attending a mixed media art retreat in Washington State in September. It may not be drawing driven, but it is art! Audra