Thursday, August 30, 2012

Second Day of School

Yoga was eventful of the young ladies "fainted" during class.  I say "fainted" because she wasn't out cold on the floor, but she was out of it.  They had her drink some water & sit it out for a bit...something about the altitude getting to her.  I've lived here so long that I just don't get the altitude excuse.  But whatever.  She's fine.  Class went on.  With a boat load of chatarangas...holding your body in push up position with an inch between your chest & the floor.  My shoulders will be protesting tomorrow!  We did a ton of sun salutations, but dang it if the relaxing poses (read hip openers) don't kill me every time.  I definitely need this class!

Drawing was super fun tonight!  We had to practice blind line look at the thing you want to draw & cannot look at your paper...or lift your pen.  The first thing we did was the outline of this:

Then we had to draw the people across from us:

She's actually a sweet looking girl...I have no idea why I made her look so mean!

Thankfully we were allowed to pick up the pen between objects!  Drawing without a) looking at your paper & b) without removing your pen from the paper is super fun but is not super easy!  (Audra, this reminds me of your snowman games!)

We did one other drawing, but it is so horribly bad I'm not going to show you.  It's a contour drawing...and I just did not get the concept.  Think of having to draw your hand, in a continuous line & it has to look like a topography map.  The images that I googled just weren't what she was looking for.  My homework has one assigned, so I will show you that one.

Oh, and all these drawings were done in under 5 minutes...each.  No time for perfection here!  I love this class!


  1. Great posts! I love the drawings… Good job!!! :)
    Love U!

  2. I agree, reading the description of what you were doing - made me want to draw a snowman with my eyes closed! Great pictures, looks like fun! The last picture, i thought maybe is was a world map at first glance. Audra