Wednesday, August 29, 2012


The art teacher is letting me stay! Whew! I just bought a ton of art supplies and it was AWESOME!

I am a little sore from yoga. In a good way.

I had four fillings replaced today. It sucked. One side of my face makes
the anesthesia leave less than 10 minutes! And I clench my teeth so hard I've cracked all those teeth. I get to use special toothpaste for two weeks & go back in for another one. Um, yeah?**

I've reconnected with someone who means the world to me. You know who you are sweetie pie!

I get to see my college friend, Jill, this weekend! Woohoo!

I have the best friends, ever! Audra, Kim, Kelly, Kim, would I get through the day without you?

Sherrine...Rachel, I miss you. Terribly.

I am married to the best man alive!

All this political shit on Facebook is driving me INSANE! Vote with your heart. Vote for issues that matter to you. But do not judge me for what is important to me. And while I may not agree, I will not judge you. That's what makes this country so great...our diversity.

That is all for this evening. Back to your regularly scheduled program.

**note to self: learn to manage stress effectively.

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  1. Ah. I miss you, too. Terribly. Someday we WILL see each other again. In the meantime, keep blogging. ♡