Friday, August 31, 2012

Work Photos

My new job takes being a staff member seriously.  We have photos for the website & our own web page (I don't have anything there yet).  Photos are by Tom Alexander.  I think I picked 8797 for the website.  8792 was my other choice.  Such a different experience working here...and I mean that in a very good way!

A little inspiration...

From my friend, Danielle.  Check out her amazing artwork here.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Second Day of School

Yoga was eventful of the young ladies "fainted" during class.  I say "fainted" because she wasn't out cold on the floor, but she was out of it.  They had her drink some water & sit it out for a bit...something about the altitude getting to her.  I've lived here so long that I just don't get the altitude excuse.  But whatever.  She's fine.  Class went on.  With a boat load of chatarangas...holding your body in push up position with an inch between your chest & the floor.  My shoulders will be protesting tomorrow!  We did a ton of sun salutations, but dang it if the relaxing poses (read hip openers) don't kill me every time.  I definitely need this class!

Drawing was super fun tonight!  We had to practice blind line look at the thing you want to draw & cannot look at your paper...or lift your pen.  The first thing we did was the outline of this:

Then we had to draw the people across from us:

She's actually a sweet looking girl...I have no idea why I made her look so mean!

Thankfully we were allowed to pick up the pen between objects!  Drawing without a) looking at your paper & b) without removing your pen from the paper is super fun but is not super easy!  (Audra, this reminds me of your snowman games!)

We did one other drawing, but it is so horribly bad I'm not going to show you.  It's a contour drawing...and I just did not get the concept.  Think of having to draw your hand, in a continuous line & it has to look like a topography map.  The images that I googled just weren't what she was looking for.  My homework has one assigned, so I will show you that one.

Oh, and all these drawings were done in under 5 minutes...each.  No time for perfection here!  I love this class!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012


The art teacher is letting me stay! Whew! I just bought a ton of art supplies and it was AWESOME!

I am a little sore from yoga. In a good way.

I had four fillings replaced today. It sucked. One side of my face makes
the anesthesia leave less than 10 minutes! And I clench my teeth so hard I've cracked all those teeth. I get to use special toothpaste for two weeks & go back in for another one. Um, yeah?**

I've reconnected with someone who means the world to me. You know who you are sweetie pie!

I get to see my college friend, Jill, this weekend! Woohoo!

I have the best friends, ever! Audra, Kim, Kelly, Kim, would I get through the day without you?

Sherrine...Rachel, I miss you. Terribly.

I am married to the best man alive!

All this political shit on Facebook is driving me INSANE! Vote with your heart. Vote for issues that matter to you. But do not judge me for what is important to me. And while I may not agree, I will not judge you. That's what makes this country so great...our diversity.

That is all for this evening. Back to your regularly scheduled program.

**note to self: learn to manage stress effectively.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The First Day of School

Today was my first day of college since May, 1989.  I read this book called "The Happiness Project" & the gal who wrote it took this really quick drawing class where she was able to turn her artwork from that of a second grade level to something pretty spectacular.  I read that and thought, well heck, I can do that!  So I enrolled in a drawing fundamentals class...and a yoga class, because, hey, if I have to pay all those fees, I might as well take that, too. 

Yoga was first up today.  During my lunch from my new job (which I LOVE!).  I walk into a class with about 50 toddlers, oops, I mean freshmen.  I am fairly certain I am the oldest person in the class...though there is one gal that if I saw her with my glasses on, might be older than me.  Maybe.  Class was led by a 20 something year old who teaches at The Yoga Experience, which is a place that I enjoy classes.  The class had a lot of "don't come late, turn off your phone" kinda stuff & then we got to showing those who'd never done yoga some basic poses.  All I could think of was "sheesh!  can we just move along already?"  Yeah, until the very first pose, child's pose, & I came out of it with what felt like a knife in my shoulder blades.   Ahhh, this 45 year old body takes some acclimating!  The rest of the poses were great...some aches & pains, but I noticed that I was more flexible than quite a bit of the 18 year olds in there, so that made me happy!

Then tonight was my Drawing Fundamentals class.  My mom is the artist.  Kendall is the artist.  I can't draw a stick figure to save my life.  Sitting there listening to the teacher tell all the students the supplies we will have to purchase (cha ching!) & her expectations (very high!) I notice in the syllabus that you may not miss more than three classes.  I have no intention of missing more than three classes, but I know 100% that I will miss three classes in a row.   Remember a few months back I mentioned that I was going to an amazing mixed media art retreat in Seattle?  Yeah, that's in September.  So not only will I miss three classes, they will be all at the beginning, you know, where it's important to attend.  Dang.  I emailed the teacher to confess...we shall see if she'll let me stay in the class or if I need to drop it.  Anyway, after all the lecturing about not missing classes & buying a crap load of supplies, she tells us that we have to pull a bag out of this garbage bag & draw the contents.  I'd have taken a photo of my pathetic rendering of nuts & washers, but phones are not permitted in class.  I couldn't even draw a circle that didn't look like it had been squashed.  Hello?!  I'm taking a drawing class because I need to learn how to draw!  Then I peek over at my tiny little neighbor & she has rendered a perfect drawing of a nutcracker & walnuts!  Well, shit!  I am starting out this class at the back of the pack already & now I have to tell her I need to miss three classes?  Do not be surprised if she tells me to pursue, oh, computer science.


Hopefully next week I will still have two classes.  If not, at least I'll have yoga & this awesome retreat to look forward to!  I AM creative & talented.  Just maybe not in drawing....

Sunday, August 5, 2012

So many things....

So many things have happened in the past two weeks:  a retirement, a birthday, a new bike, a trip to Disneyland, a kid back from Texas, school registration, college registration, a ridiculously bad cold, a molting chicken, family visits, a retirement party, a whopping cold sore, the possibility of a "new" car, new job duties. {sigh}  It has been an emotional roller coaster.  I will leave you with these photos, and a promise for more coming soon.