Tuesday, July 3, 2012

So many changes...

So many changes coming our way.  A senior.  New jobs.  Transitions.  A road trip.  Classes for me.  A milestone birthday.  Some of it scary.  All of it very exciting.  Much of it very time consuming.  Some day I'll tell you all about it.  Feeling the need to keep some things private on the blog.  Working through that in my head.  Due to a glitch with my old store's website, I now have this domain for even longer.  So I'm not going anywhere...just keeping to myself until the dust settles.  I still have this really strong urge to blog...just give me some time.

Just cleared my camera of 600 photos, just in time to take photos of a bunch of my adorable nieces & nephews.  Oh, and my other blog that I ignore lately ( is doing another photo challenge...this one a color challenge that so far has been pretty dang fun!  Hoping for tomorrow to be a catch up day.  Stay tuned...

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