Sunday, June 10, 2012

June Daily Photo Challenge

1.  Feet (my dress shoes!)  2.  Celebrate (this is Becky's photo of her son's team wining another playoff game...mine has disappeared & hers is better anyway!)  3.  Shiny (we bought this truck shiny & new...& now it is not) 4.  Four (orchids that for all intents & purposes was completely dead & I was going to throw it out when suddenly it bloomed!)  5.  Laughter (my husband is giddy over the new bike we won!)  6.  Nature (these are upside down trees with the roots being used as planters)  7.  Fruit (our Bountiful Baskets haul this week) 8.  Summer (it's my favorite time of year!) 9.  Shade (I will spend my summer & much of the fall under this lovely umbrella in the backyard)

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