Wednesday, June 20, 2012


David & Jenny (my mom's brother-in-law for lack of a better way to describe it) offered us a couple of chickens & a chicken coop a while back.  They built their chickens an amazing little condo & passed their old one on to us.  I was pretty excited!  Even if I am a bit afraid of chickens.  The big girl in the front was beating up one of their other chickens & she had to go.  And since she is pretty attached to her sister, they sent her along, too.  We got them Sunday (for Father's Day!) & they've already laid 5 eggs!  They must like it here!  They had more freedom at their old house...we just can't do that here.  Maggie might eat them.  So nights are spent on the back deck just watching the chickens roam around.  It's pretty relaxing!

When I got home tonight Kendall had already let them out.  This is an astonishing development because she claims to hate them.  They were being extra noisy so she thought she'd let 'em loose.  I used their being out of their cages as an opportunity to go clean it & they got all huffy & came running to their coop to protect it.  It was pretty hilarious!

For the record, I wanted to name them Sadie & Cleo.  Yeah, that didn't fly.  Don named them Original & Extra Crispy.  Heaven help me....

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