Sunday, June 10, 2012

Bike To Work Week

Last week was bike to work week.  Since I started my new job I've been riding the bus (parking permits on campus are super expensive & it's summer why drive?).  I have to leave 40 minutes early to catch the bus & get to work on time.  Honestly, I was afraid I'd have to leave even earlier to ride my bike so it just didn't appeal to me.  I used to ride the urban trail occasionally to my old job, which is only 1/2 a mile away from my new one & that ride took 50-60 minutes.  So last weekend Don, Audra & I headed out on our bikes to see how long it would really take me to get to work.  We set our sights on the cement bike path that runs along Route 66.  Imagine my surprise when it only took 30 minutes to get there!  I can leave my house at exactly the same time & get to work just in time...sometimes with a few minutes to spare!  It's 5.5 miles of cool morning air on the way there...and on the way back? It's just a nice way to unwind!  I like that I can decide that I'm too lazy to ride & just add my bike to the front of the bus, too!  Sweet deal!

Thursday the bike-to-workers in our building came out for a photo op:

They wanted us to pretend we were being knocked over like dominoes...haha!

The best part about Bike-To-Work Week was that I won a New Belgium Brewing Co 2012 Cruiser Bike!  Oh yeah!  I bought $20 worth of raffle tickets benefiting the Flagstaff Biking Organization.  Don REALLY wanted this bike.  Friday night we got the call...we won!  Woohoo!

My husband has claimed it as his own.  It is a sweet, sweet ride!  Exactly the kind of bike he's been wanting!  Now if he'd only ride it to work....

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  1. That is a pretty sweet ride! And I commend you for riding to work - that's awesome!