Wednesday, June 20, 2012


David & Jenny (my mom's brother-in-law for lack of a better way to describe it) offered us a couple of chickens & a chicken coop a while back.  They built their chickens an amazing little condo & passed their old one on to us.  I was pretty excited!  Even if I am a bit afraid of chickens.  The big girl in the front was beating up one of their other chickens & she had to go.  And since she is pretty attached to her sister, they sent her along, too.  We got them Sunday (for Father's Day!) & they've already laid 5 eggs!  They must like it here!  They had more freedom at their old house...we just can't do that here.  Maggie might eat them.  So nights are spent on the back deck just watching the chickens roam around.  It's pretty relaxing!

When I got home tonight Kendall had already let them out.  This is an astonishing development because she claims to hate them.  They were being extra noisy so she thought she'd let 'em loose.  I used their being out of their cages as an opportunity to go clean it & they got all huffy & came running to their coop to protect it.  It was pretty hilarious!

For the record, I wanted to name them Sadie & Cleo.  Yeah, that didn't fly.  Don named them Original & Extra Crispy.  Heaven help me....

Check out the slide show of Kendall's Senior Photos from Michelle Koechle Photography here.  Leave Michelle a comment & let her know what you think.  Kendall will win a 5x7 print if you do!  However will we choose just one?

Monday, June 11, 2012

Our little chipmunk...

Is starting to perk up. Cheeks are still puffy & mouth still hurts. But she's making strides every day. Finally the knot in my stomach is dissipating. It's hard watching your kid in pain.

This just in...

My office just won the commuter bike from Absolute Bikes for having the greatest large workplace participation in Bike-To-Work Week! I am so proud to have participated in this event! Way to go team! Woohoo!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Wisdom Teeth

Kendall had her four wisdom teeth out on Friday.  She did great! 

This is Kendall on our way to the dentist.  I promised not to post any of the photos I snapped on the sly after, but trust me, they are priceless!  Just a few notes about the day:

  • Kendall opted to have all 4 teeth out at once.  The dentist told her she could come back in 3-5 years for the top two to be removed but then her parents wouldn't be paying.  She jumped at that opportunity!
  • When she came out of anesthesia she was like a little rag doll.  She couldn't put one foot in front of the other.
  • Upon entering the pathfinder & getting seat belted in, she exclaimed she needed a pillow.  When I said we didn't have one, she crawled over the seat & got the grocery bags out of the back to lie on.
  • She talked the whole way home.  Not that we could understand her with a great big wad of gauze in her mouth.
  • We did understand, "I want my grandma!"
  • I snapped a photo on the sly & my husband whispered, "did you get the photo?" From the back of the Pathfinder we hear, "NO PHOTOS!"  Apparently anesthesia gives her bat hearing.
  • After the anesthesia wore off, she felt perfectly fine.  She couldn't understand why anyone would think having wisdom teeth out was a big deal.  She even went to a graduation party where she bragged about it.  
  • All day she asked for a grilled cheese & was quite mad that I wouldn't give her one.  
  • Then came 7:30 pm.  We got into the car to leave the party & her whole attitude changed.  She was miserable & in pain.
  • Saturday her cheeks puffed up like a chipmunk.
  • She watched a full days worth of NCIS without barely moving.
  • Sunday the pain is better & the cheeks are puffier.
It will be interesting to see how she does on Monday.

June Daily Photo Challenge

1.  Feet (my dress shoes!)  2.  Celebrate (this is Becky's photo of her son's team wining another playoff game...mine has disappeared & hers is better anyway!)  3.  Shiny (we bought this truck shiny & new...& now it is not) 4.  Four (orchids that for all intents & purposes was completely dead & I was going to throw it out when suddenly it bloomed!)  5.  Laughter (my husband is giddy over the new bike we won!)  6.  Nature (these are upside down trees with the roots being used as planters)  7.  Fruit (our Bountiful Baskets haul this week) 8.  Summer (it's my favorite time of year!) 9.  Shade (I will spend my summer & much of the fall under this lovely umbrella in the backyard)

Bike To Work Week

Last week was bike to work week.  Since I started my new job I've been riding the bus (parking permits on campus are super expensive & it's summer why drive?).  I have to leave 40 minutes early to catch the bus & get to work on time.  Honestly, I was afraid I'd have to leave even earlier to ride my bike so it just didn't appeal to me.  I used to ride the urban trail occasionally to my old job, which is only 1/2 a mile away from my new one & that ride took 50-60 minutes.  So last weekend Don, Audra & I headed out on our bikes to see how long it would really take me to get to work.  We set our sights on the cement bike path that runs along Route 66.  Imagine my surprise when it only took 30 minutes to get there!  I can leave my house at exactly the same time & get to work just in time...sometimes with a few minutes to spare!  It's 5.5 miles of cool morning air on the way there...and on the way back? It's just a nice way to unwind!  I like that I can decide that I'm too lazy to ride & just add my bike to the front of the bus, too!  Sweet deal!

Thursday the bike-to-workers in our building came out for a photo op:

They wanted us to pretend we were being knocked over like dominoes...haha!

The best part about Bike-To-Work Week was that I won a New Belgium Brewing Co 2012 Cruiser Bike!  Oh yeah!  I bought $20 worth of raffle tickets benefiting the Flagstaff Biking Organization.  Don REALLY wanted this bike.  Friday night we got the call...we won!  Woohoo!

My husband has claimed it as his own.  It is a sweet, sweet ride!  Exactly the kind of bike he's been wanting!  Now if he'd only ride it to work....

June Daily Photo Challenge

Here's the photo challenge from my other blog (don't worry, I'm neglecting it, too!)  I'm just like the rest of you...sometimes I remember...sometimes I don't.  But it's fun to have a prompt to take a photo.  Even if you don't post it.  Even if you don't take it.  I'm already behind but I have ceased to let it bother me.  In a perfect world, I'd have a photo book at the end of the year with 365 photos.  But alas, life is not perfect.  So instead, I will have a couple handfuls of shots that I love.  And that right there is all I care about.  Happy snapping!

Kendall's First (& Hopefully ONLY) Wreck

Monday Kendall was involved in a car accident.  She's fine!  The truck, however, is not fine.  Kendall was driving a friend home from school & the jeep in front of her slammed on it's brakes when the car in front of him slammed on theirs to stop at a stop light.  The jeep missed the car in front of him & Kendall slammed on her brakes but was unable to miss the jeep.  (You can still see the skid marks that Kendall & the jeep made!)  She hit the spare tire on the jeep & scratched his bumper just a bit.  (The driver of the jeep was fine, too.)  The truck suffered the worst damage:

Honestly, it doesn't look that bad.  The grill is cracked & the hood is not where it belongs.  Our little 1994 Ranger stood up pretty well!  In this instance it's probably good there were not air bags...she & her friend likely would have had broken noses from the front impact. 

On Tuesday, our insurance sent a tow truck to tow the truck to McCoy Motors Body Shop for an estimate on repairs.  Imagine our complete & utter disbelief when our claim rep called & said that the truck was being totaled!  It seems that the costs to repair the truck & the salvage amount exceeded what the truck was worth.  While this damage doesn't look like much, apparently the radiator was twisted & the tie rods were bent.  Obviously, the grill, hood & bumper had to be replaced. 

All I have to say is thank God we had full coverage!  And we almost didn't!  I had been thinking for quite some time that the truck was old (we've had it since February, 1995 & bought it brand new) & it didn't need full coverage.  I had mentioned it to my friend Mickey, who is also my insurance agent, & we just kinda forgot about it.  Good thing, too!

So Monday we had a truck.  And 48 hours later we had a check.  The insurance paid us a very fair amount.  Now the dilemma is what to do with it.  The tuck was Don's, not Kendall's.  We paid the gas & insurance.  All she does is drive to school & it is summer, so no school.  Plus, she'll be spending a good portion of the summer in Texas with her Aunt & Uncle.  We've talked about just keeping the money & letting her drive the Pathfinder.  We've talked about getting Don a jeep...he's always wanted one...and letting Kendall drive the Pathfinder.  I ride the bus or my bike to work, so right now it seems silly to get another vehicle.  Unless some screaming deal comes along, we're waiting.  Indefinitely.

As for Kendall, she has some aches & pains from the seat belt.  She had her first chiropractor visit this past Thursday.  She said her neck has never felt so good!  Today she's going in for a massage.  The chiropractor thinks she may have cracked a rib.  We shall see.  Poor kid...she started the week with an accident & ended it getting her wisdom teeth out.  More on that later...