Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Sedona Getaway

This past weekend was my "annual" trip to Sedona for "scrapbooking".  I say "annual" because this is the second year I've been invited along with some friends from my old store.  And I say "scrapbooking" because, well lets be real, I'm not doing much of that anymore.  I go simply to spend time with my friends.  To soak up a little sun.  Read a book or two guilt free.  Eat phenomenal food.  Sleep as long as I want (kinda).  Stay up as late as I want.  It's a time to just relax & be me.  I do think it drives my friends nuts that I don't want to scrapbook with them.  It's been 16 months since I sold the store.  Seven months since I taught my last class.  And that drive to scrapbook is just not there.  I do have a desire to create.  But no desire to follow through...yet.  So thank you ladies for letting me be me.

The plan of this getaway is that we all stay in a big house in Sedona.  Bridget & I were roommates.  Some plans changed & Bridget & I ended up staying at the hotel up by the Sedona airport.  (Cute little hotel, by the way).  Bridget was a day late so I invited Don to come a long with me.  I stayed up watching ridiculous tv too late & then slept too late.  Thank goodness Don found a place for us to eat breakfast (via Yelp) that was delightful!  If you're ever in the Village of Oak Creek, eat at Redstone Patio.  It is divine!  Here's the menu link. Everything is from scratch & it is really reasonable.  And it overlooks the putting green so it's really pretty.

I cannot be certain, but the english muffins tasted homemade.  The potatoes were mixed with red bell pepper & maybe butternut squash.  BEST. EGGS BENEDICT.  EVER.

Don had the Redstone Rancheros, with refried black beans & homemade green chorizo.  To die for!  Neither of us are huge black bean fans, but we could have eaten a gallon of these.  OMG.

Just a pretty cactus along the way.  I've never seen these in bloom.  I actually made Don turn the car around & go back so I could snap a photo.

We stopped at Bell Rock on the way back to the scrapbookers, intending to find the vortex & be on our merry little way pretty quickly.  4 miles later (in flip flops & a dress no less) we were ready to head out.  Beautiful, beautiful day!

We're not certain we ever found the vortex.  Rumor has it that people stack these carins up next to it.  But who really knows?  I didn't feel a thing.  Don just kept asking when the mother ship was going to beam us up.  Silly boy.

Just beautiful, I tell you!

I'll share a few more weekend photos tomorrow.  I took very, very few.  I was too busy sitting by the pool.

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  1. On the next trip to Sedona - I will have to try the breakfast wrap from the Redstone Patio - sounds delicious! Did you take the cactus picture through a screen or did you add texture in post processing - groovy either way! Audra