Saturday, May 12, 2012


It is not something I excel at.  I've been working.  A lot.  And walking.  A lot.  I get home on my non-job 2 nights & I've been passing out cold by 7:30-8:00.  That said, I've had some fun this week!  Here are a few photos to tide you over until I actually have something witty & meaningful to say:

 Taken by my fizzy friend, as we were on our hunt for the food trucks for the #greatfoodtruckrace. 

My hubby, who we drug all over the place looking for the food trucks :)

 I love hearts.  I seem to find them everywhere.  Not a bad quality!

My fizzy friend, Kim, who's gonna kick my bootie when she sees I posted this photo without her permission. 

From my bike ride to Job#2 this morning on the bike path that follows Route 66.  This part is actually part of the original Route 66.

Yes, we sampled every one of these items from the food trucks tonight!  Good think Don & Kendall were hungry!  I cannot wait to see the episode on the Food Network in August!  I'm sure we'll see lots of people we know...including Don & Kendall, who had to sign releases because they were filmed! 

Back with more fun filled posts soon!


  1. Oh how sad I am to have missed this event! Hopefully something groovy like this will come along again soon! Audra

  2. Tell your fizzy friend she is a cutie pie!!!