Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Just a few random photos & facts to share tonight...

I've been intentionally vague about job #2, but here are some things that come out of there.  Let me tell you, this place is hard on a paycheck!  We had the Jambalaya tonight & it was pretty damn good!  Because Kendall does not eat pork, I used roasted garlic chicken sausage that I picked up at Fry's.  Those little Kancho treats are tasty, too!  Can't read a single word on the label, but the chocolate with the strawberries in it is heavenly!  Oh & the wine?  I have this customer who took a wine tasting class & he says they are fabulous.  I can tell you that the Santa Alicia is, indeed, fabulous.  I have not tried the other yet.

I don't have many flowers in my yard right now (money & time are in short supply) but these iris' keep me happy!  I've had the plants for probably 16 years.  They have moved themselves along the fence & no longer live where they were planted.  I never thought that iris' had a smell...until I took this photo.  They are fragrant & so delightful!  What a treasure!

My little Mia pee-a dog was being especially photogenic tonight.  Usually she sees me with the camera & just wants to play...charges the camera & makes photos unbelievably bad.  But tonight she was calm & almost posing.  This is the dog that cost us a freakin' fortune, but how can you not love that face?

My uncle came to visit this weekend & brought us some oregano from his garden. Sweet!

This is my yard yesterday.  I feel horribly guilty every time we water it.  Yesterday I had to water it by hand because a) it was not our watering day & b) if the grass waited one more second for water it was going to blow away with the wind.

In a perfect world, where money is no object, my front yard would look like this one.  This photo was snapped off is spectacular in the summer!  It's pretty spectacular here, too.  In case you're wondering, it's on Majestic, up in Boulder Point. 

Yeah, she's beautiful!  Kendall had her senior photos taken the other day by Michelle Koechle Photography.  (Kendall is a Senior Ambassador for Michelle).  They did what Kendall says was a super cool grunge/prom dress kind of shoot in the ridiculous wind we had last Friday.  Kendall went to Tirzah Salon to have her hair & make up done prior to the shoot.  She really loved what the gal did with her hair.  And she LOVED the shoot with Michelle!  I cannot wait to see the photos!

Another shot of the iris' in my back yard.  I love that hand on the rock.  And just so you know, I personally picked out that rock & had it delivered to my house when Kendall was two.  Along with, I kid you not, 16 tons of sand.  I still have the sand, too.  As a matter of fact, my husband just asked me a few minutes ago what I planned to do with that sand.  My answer?  I have no idea...yet.  I'll spring it on him when he retires!

And because this is my blog, I'll leave you a parting photo with cheesy old me, heading to job # 2 this past Sunday.  Speaking of job #2, I'll be cutting back to just a few hours a week while I learn all the minute details of my new job #1.  The fiscal year ends June 30th, they're implementing a new financial program & all hell is going to break loose.  So I cut back to 4 hours a week at job #2 starting next week.  I actually tried to quit.  The manager talked me out of it.  Probably a good thing.  I do love job #2.  But #1 & #2 are a lot to handle under the best of circumstances.  So we'll see where it goes.

Adios & goodnight.  Talk to you soon!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Quick Update

I feel like all I do is apologize for not blogging more often.  Man, life gets in the way sometimes!  So once again I will leave you with a few lovely photos to tide you over until I get my act together & get to blogging again.  Thank you for your patience!

Logan's birthday outing.  Lunch at Freddies...books at Bookman's.  GREAT day!

 Kendall & grandma made her lovely prom dress.  I am SO proud!

 Isn't she a beauty?

Mothers & daughters.  Mother's Day 2012.

Saturday, May 12, 2012


It is not something I excel at.  I've been working.  A lot.  And walking.  A lot.  I get home on my non-job 2 nights & I've been passing out cold by 7:30-8:00.  That said, I've had some fun this week!  Here are a few photos to tide you over until I actually have something witty & meaningful to say:

 Taken by my fizzy friend, as we were on our hunt for the food trucks for the #greatfoodtruckrace. 

My hubby, who we drug all over the place looking for the food trucks :)

 I love hearts.  I seem to find them everywhere.  Not a bad quality!

My fizzy friend, Kim, who's gonna kick my bootie when she sees I posted this photo without her permission. 

From my bike ride to Job#2 this morning on the bike path that follows Route 66.  This part is actually part of the original Route 66.

Yes, we sampled every one of these items from the food trucks tonight!  Good think Don & Kendall were hungry!  I cannot wait to see the episode on the Food Network in August!  I'm sure we'll see lots of people we know...including Don & Kendall, who had to sign releases because they were filmed! 

Back with more fun filled posts soon!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Have I told you...

I've started turning my photos into cards for Fizz Bath Shop? The line is small...& it will change with the seasons & the mood of the creator. I am really excited! It is a step towards my goal of an Etsy shop some day. You won't believe this, but I totally forgot to take photos of the first batch of cards. But you can bet with batch two, I won't forget! 

Thursday, May 3, 2012

A new job

I won't go I to specifics til I sign on the dotted line...but I got a new job today! One that seems fun, is flexible & in a great location. Stay tuned for details...

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Just playing with layering photos from my photo class, which sadly, is over.  I have much, much more to learn.  This is so much fun!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Sedona Getaway

This past weekend was my "annual" trip to Sedona for "scrapbooking".  I say "annual" because this is the second year I've been invited along with some friends from my old store.  And I say "scrapbooking" because, well lets be real, I'm not doing much of that anymore.  I go simply to spend time with my friends.  To soak up a little sun.  Read a book or two guilt free.  Eat phenomenal food.  Sleep as long as I want (kinda).  Stay up as late as I want.  It's a time to just relax & be me.  I do think it drives my friends nuts that I don't want to scrapbook with them.  It's been 16 months since I sold the store.  Seven months since I taught my last class.  And that drive to scrapbook is just not there.  I do have a desire to create.  But no desire to follow through...yet.  So thank you ladies for letting me be me.

The plan of this getaway is that we all stay in a big house in Sedona.  Bridget & I were roommates.  Some plans changed & Bridget & I ended up staying at the hotel up by the Sedona airport.  (Cute little hotel, by the way).  Bridget was a day late so I invited Don to come a long with me.  I stayed up watching ridiculous tv too late & then slept too late.  Thank goodness Don found a place for us to eat breakfast (via Yelp) that was delightful!  If you're ever in the Village of Oak Creek, eat at Redstone Patio.  It is divine!  Here's the menu link. Everything is from scratch & it is really reasonable.  And it overlooks the putting green so it's really pretty.

I cannot be certain, but the english muffins tasted homemade.  The potatoes were mixed with red bell pepper & maybe butternut squash.  BEST. EGGS BENEDICT.  EVER.

Don had the Redstone Rancheros, with refried black beans & homemade green chorizo.  To die for!  Neither of us are huge black bean fans, but we could have eaten a gallon of these.  OMG.

Just a pretty cactus along the way.  I've never seen these in bloom.  I actually made Don turn the car around & go back so I could snap a photo.

We stopped at Bell Rock on the way back to the scrapbookers, intending to find the vortex & be on our merry little way pretty quickly.  4 miles later (in flip flops & a dress no less) we were ready to head out.  Beautiful, beautiful day!

We're not certain we ever found the vortex.  Rumor has it that people stack these carins up next to it.  But who really knows?  I didn't feel a thing.  Don just kept asking when the mother ship was going to beam us up.  Silly boy.

Just beautiful, I tell you!

I'll share a few more weekend photos tomorrow.  I took very, very few.  I was too busy sitting by the pool.