Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Your Perfect Day

I've been spending a lot of time lately wondering what my perfect day looks like.  What my perfect life looks like.  I'm trying to find my own key to happiness, my own way.  I feel like I've been lost the last couple of years...not knowing where I'm headed...or even what it is that would really make me happy.  I'm starting to believe that the big picture can stress me out, so it's time to focus on the little day at a time.

My perfect day would start with me sleeping until my body naturally wants to be awake...& not feeling guilty if that is past 7 am.  I'd get up & head to a yoga class or maybe spinning, then come home & walk my dogs with Don (he would SO not be into the yoga part!).  Then we'd have a nice, easy lunch & just hang out enjoying each others company.  I'd create something...a painting, a craft project...whatever strikes my fancy that day.  Maybe do some gardening.  Kendall would come home from school in a great mood!  She'd get her homework done without a fight & she'd do a few chores without having to be asked.  We'd cook a nice dinner & sit down to enjoy it together.  Dinner would be followed by a movie we all enjoy, reading, or blogging.  And the next day?  It would be even better than today!

What does your perfect day look like?


  1. It's a good question and one that I have struggled with too. Since retiring from "regular work" almost 3 years ago I have had so much freedom and I totally LOVE that. But it has taken me quite a while to define what I do really love.

    One of my perfect days involves hiking in nature with my camera, with my hubby and dog, or even by myself. But I couldn't do that all day, every day. I really need to be productive in some way. To create stuff, write stuff, finish stuff - I've found that the creative piece is super important to my happiness.

    So some combination of that - then throw in some good friends and good food and drink - mix those all up and I've got some happy days!!

  2. I have been thinking long and hard about this, and really been struggling to come up with an answer, because all of my days are so different. Some days, I love waking up early so I can get lots of work done before Maddie wakes up so we are free to go on an adventure. Other days, I like to sleep in. Some days, I love the feeling of crossing lots of my to-do list, and other days I don't even look at it.

    In Lisa Boni's eulogy for her mom, she included the following quote. “Stop and enjoy life’s unplanned perfect moments.” I have been trying to focus on the perfect moments, because a perfect day is just too much pressure. I will settle for a good day, with a perfect moment or two thrown in.

    Some of the moments that contribute to a good day:
    - a made bed
    - a clean house
    - Maddie waking up with a smile
    - Maddie smiles, giggles, laughter, etc...
    - having time to blow dry my hair or put on mascara
    - making good choices
    - doing good
    - getting some sunshine
    - getting a great picture of Maddie
    - taking a walk
    - having time to think "what should I do now?"
    - being early
    - getting an A on an assignment

    (as I compiled this list, it occured that NONE of things involved money. Now that is something to be explored further...)

    What an EXCELLENT question, Kirsten. Thank you for making me really think!

    1. A most excellent day, Kelly! I want you to know that because of your list, I cleaned my bedroom, changed the sheets AND made the bed! This morning Mia peed all over it & it had to all be done again. But like I told Don, at least we don't have to worry about dust in our comforters since we have to wash them so frequently. Haha!

  3. Hmm, let's see...

    I would naturally wake up early, perhaps at 7 AM?, and not feel like death doing it. I would have a cup of hot water with lemon on a sunny porch with my Bowie Bear and Yogi Cosmo. I would then either go to a yoga class or do a solo practice on my porch. Meditation to follow. Then Matt and I would read a few bible versus and pray together. Afterward, I would either blog or write in my journal with breakfast at my side. Then I would tidy up the house as needed and finish editing any photos that need to be taken care of. Matt and I would then take the doggies for a long walk at this point. After that, lunch time! Following lunch, I would read and/or study the things I'm currently interested in such as, American Sign Language, religion, business or anthropology. Then I would go for a long walk and take photographs of the things that inspire me. Afterward, Matt and I would do a quick workout in the backyard. By then it would be time to start cooking dinner. We would cook it and eat it together. Then we would watch a movie or play a game and then head to bed!

  4. I am pretty fortunate, my perfect day is lived most Saturdays! An early start to my day, a little exercise with a side of crazy and friends that really are family, a breakfast meal - hopefully something yummy but I also like trying the new spots around town and sometimes it isn't all that yummy - a cup of coffee (OK - let's be realistic here - it is never just one cup - but the perfect day would include little guilt about it!). Then home to do something that makes me happy there - it might be vacuuming or rearranging (never dusting!), then back to town for lunch. Said lunch will certainly include lively conversation and much laughter! Home - hopefully while the sun is still in the sky, but if not, it will be ok! A little reading in the sun then perhaps some dinner. A surprise visit from Jeff at any one of these activities would make it all the more perfect. Wow - looking at this - that is a lot of meal time . . . Audra