Thursday, April 5, 2012

What makes you happy?

  • rainy days spent indoors, curled up in a blanket with a steaming cup of tea & a good book
  • walking maggie 
  • spending time with my family...every last one of them
  • butterscotch dipped cones from dairy queen
  • dirty martinis
  • yellow curry
  • random surprises from good friends
  • photography & now playing with those photos
  • books...good mysteries or good smutty ones
  • lunch with my mom
  • hanging with my dad
  • the 15 minutes that kendall cuddles with me each morning
  • my hubby
  • makes me happier than it should
  • beaches & waves
  • going to the movies
  • coming up with a plan...and finally putting something down on that chalkboard in my head.
Do you ever take the time to think about the things that make you happy? Take a few minutes & jot them down.  Just because.  Then tuck the note into your wallet.  They'll be a pleasant surprise one day.  Likely just when you need it.


  1. that picture is making me pretty darn happy!

  2. Your new blog header is making me especially happy! Audra