Friday, April 27, 2012

Supposed to be...

  • working on finishing the last week and a half of my photo processing class (Swan's amazing, by the way!)
  • watching every sunset
  • creating art, painting something for my downstairs bathroom
  • scrapbooking (hah!)
  • catching up on my blogging for both of my blogs
  • taking a few more April Daily Photos to catch up
  • making a menu & grocery list for next week
What am I doing instead?
  • sleeping past 8 am
  • having a slow, leisurely breakfast with my husband
  • stopping to check out a vortex & instead hiking 3 flip flops
  • taking some amazing photos...amazing!
  • sitting in the jacuzzi for an hour
  • watching My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding on TLC with Bridget...these people are, um, unique
  • using the slowest internet connection since dial much for photos in this post!
  • thinking about our hike tomorrow & all the photos I'll get to play with
  • already sad that I only have two days before going back to my crazy work schedule
(As soon as I get a faster internet connection I'll add photos.)

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