Sunday, March 4, 2012


I am lying in bed thinking about how peaceful Sunday mornings are. How much I love weekends. How busy Saturday's are.

We had our Sunday family breakfast on Saturday & for some reason it made the weekend feel excellent side effect! Don & I spent some time at Barnes & Noble reading about composting (ours is too wet). Went to a movie (This Means War)...loved it! Talked about taking classes at started out just taking some some classes on Excel, Access & Power Point so I can get a better job & ended up thinking its a pretty good idea that he work on an Associates degree. Then we helped Kendall just a little bit with the stage for the fashion show next week. A lovely day, I would say!

Today I'm going to lounge about. Maybe finish reading the second Hunger Games book. Do a little research, have lunch with Mindy & hot yoga this afternoon. This is the life!

PS: Mia got her staples out Friday & she is doing FANTASTIC!

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