Friday, March 16, 2012


Kendall & Jaxson

Not too much is going on...we've been too busy!  Kendall just got back from Texas, where she spent a week with her aunt, uncle & cousins.  She had a blast but I think the trip was shorter than she would have liked.  She's hoping to go back this summer.

I worked Job#2 twice this week.  Yesterday I made the mistake of having a Starbucks Double Shot on my way to work.  I was fine through work.  The problem came when I tried to go to sleep.  It just was not happening.  Coupled with the fact that Kendall's dog Ori is a needy beast, I didn't get much sleep.  

I had to send my little camera (the present I got from Don for Christmas) in to be repaired this week.  I put it off too long.  It had a spot on the image sensor that was driving me insane.  It was there from the day I opened the box & I just blew it off.  Good thing for warrantys!

Tomorrow we're heading out for a hike before the weather turns bad.  I shall return with photos!

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