Sunday, March 25, 2012


I took this photo Thursday.  Mind you, Sunday & Monday we had just had 2 plus feet of snow.  And here I am walking thru campus with no jacket...& no snow.  It's been a beautiful couple of days, that's for sure! Aren't shadows a funny thing?  I look at this photo & wonder who that confident girl is.  I love the girly shape!  Two things I'd never say to describe myself, but maybe I should.  It's time stop judging myself so harshly & appreciate who I am.  Time to start enjoying life again.  I've been wallowing in self pity for too long & today officially marks the end of it.  I've been letting an unfulfilling job dictate my happiness...that is just not right.  I wrote a really long post Friday night that was filled with all the negative crap in my head.  I let that post sit out there for a few hours & then deleted it.  I didn't want my dad think that I had gone of the deep end.  But later in the day, there it was in my Google Reader, not deleted.  I suspect the few people that subscribe to my posts via email actually got them in their email box.  To those people I can tell you that writing that post has had a major impact on me.  The stuff is out of my head.  What is left behind is happier.  Excited.  Not negative.  Someone who is looking forward & not behind.  About time, isn't it?


  1. A most excellent post! I am thrilled that you made it through to the other side. Audra

  2. I didnt read the other post... but I am glad to read this one. ☺ I've been feeling the same way lately, and you are an inspiration; time to move on!