Sunday, March 25, 2012

Catching up with Mia

Ori & Mia, sitting on my lap in between jobs, soaking up a little of the warm sunny goodness.  

Today most of that snow is gone.  And so is all the dirt in the planter that Mia's little white head is hiding.  Apparently, she saw the change in weather as an opportunity to repot anything that might have been in the whiskey barrel.  I was wondering where the muddy face came from! Unbeknownst to us, Westies are notorious diggers.  It's amazing what you learn watching the Westminster Dog Show!

For those of you wondering, she is doing much better!  Mia had issues before the surgery, un-related to her bladder...she's 12 after all.  She has arthritis in her hind legs & she still has Addison's she's a steroid junkie.  I like to joke that we should paint her green for Halloween & call her The Hulk.  In between shots she still has one day where she doesn't eat & feels like crap.  But it's just one day  & we expect it.  I can tell you that in the morning & when we come home she has these puppy like bursts of energy that we have not seen in years.  She runs around in circles like a crazy dog, rolling around on the floor & engaging the other dogs in play.  She's playing with her toys again.  That right there was worth the price of surgery!  Tomorrow is shot day.  And we'll be having her urine checked for crystals.  They found crystals in her first urine test after surgery, the other kind...not the ones that made up her stone.  She's on dog food that you can only get at the vet & it's for dogs with a tendency towards crystals & stones.  It's loaded with sodium, which makes her drink excessively.  She probably drinks 4 times as much as she used to.  Which means that she sometimes has accidents in her sleep.  It was a huge drag at first because she sleeps at my feet, but we've caught on to the fact it's not stopping & put a waterproof picnic mat & a towel for her to sleep on.   It's funny how you end up being the one trained.  

I'm sure some of you are shaking your head wondering why we'd do all this for a measly little dog.  We're pretty intuitive about our pets & know when the time has come to stop helping them along.  It is not Mia's time.  Anyone who spends anytime with her would see that.


  1. You are so wonderful. Mia is a lucky girl. ♡

  2. Dutch and I are glad we have many more days with Mia to enjoy! Audra