Saturday, March 31, 2012

This week...

Kendall, me & Don
Love this!

This week I:
  • decided to stop worrying & being stressed out...made it to Thursday
  • started reading The Happiness Project {love it!}
  • came up with a game plan to lead a more creative life
  • officially admitted that I have fallen off the healthy eating band wagon & got run over by the wheels
  • ordered photos for photo cards for my fizzy friend
  • had lunch with my mom & Bob (she's about over her cold & getting ready for a vacation)
  • burst into tears twice (once because someone said I should get over being stressed & once because I was retelling that story)
  • booked myself a spot at a retreat in Seattle in the fall {I am SO excited!}
  • worked a little over 60 hours between my two jobs
  • listened to the first season of Crossing Jordan {love!}
  • finished up my March Daily Photo Challenge over at
  • decided to take a one month, super intensive photography class at CCC in June; now all I need to do is sign up!
  • decided that if the photography class goes well, I'll take some graphic design courses
  • made a plan...I can't share yet, but it's awesome!
  • went the the thrift store this morning & got these fabulous treasures
That suitcase is perfect inside! $4.  The typewriter works! $10.  The phone makes my husband giggle & it works perfectly! $2.

How was your week?

Sunday, March 25, 2012


I took this photo Thursday.  Mind you, Sunday & Monday we had just had 2 plus feet of snow.  And here I am walking thru campus with no jacket...& no snow.  It's been a beautiful couple of days, that's for sure! Aren't shadows a funny thing?  I look at this photo & wonder who that confident girl is.  I love the girly shape!  Two things I'd never say to describe myself, but maybe I should.  It's time stop judging myself so harshly & appreciate who I am.  Time to start enjoying life again.  I've been wallowing in self pity for too long & today officially marks the end of it.  I've been letting an unfulfilling job dictate my happiness...that is just not right.  I wrote a really long post Friday night that was filled with all the negative crap in my head.  I let that post sit out there for a few hours & then deleted it.  I didn't want my dad think that I had gone of the deep end.  But later in the day, there it was in my Google Reader, not deleted.  I suspect the few people that subscribe to my posts via email actually got them in their email box.  To those people I can tell you that writing that post has had a major impact on me.  The stuff is out of my head.  What is left behind is happier.  Excited.  Not negative.  Someone who is looking forward & not behind.  About time, isn't it?

Catching up with Mia

Ori & Mia, sitting on my lap in between jobs, soaking up a little of the warm sunny goodness.  

Today most of that snow is gone.  And so is all the dirt in the planter that Mia's little white head is hiding.  Apparently, she saw the change in weather as an opportunity to repot anything that might have been in the whiskey barrel.  I was wondering where the muddy face came from! Unbeknownst to us, Westies are notorious diggers.  It's amazing what you learn watching the Westminster Dog Show!

For those of you wondering, she is doing much better!  Mia had issues before the surgery, un-related to her bladder...she's 12 after all.  She has arthritis in her hind legs & she still has Addison's she's a steroid junkie.  I like to joke that we should paint her green for Halloween & call her The Hulk.  In between shots she still has one day where she doesn't eat & feels like crap.  But it's just one day  & we expect it.  I can tell you that in the morning & when we come home she has these puppy like bursts of energy that we have not seen in years.  She runs around in circles like a crazy dog, rolling around on the floor & engaging the other dogs in play.  She's playing with her toys again.  That right there was worth the price of surgery!  Tomorrow is shot day.  And we'll be having her urine checked for crystals.  They found crystals in her first urine test after surgery, the other kind...not the ones that made up her stone.  She's on dog food that you can only get at the vet & it's for dogs with a tendency towards crystals & stones.  It's loaded with sodium, which makes her drink excessively.  She probably drinks 4 times as much as she used to.  Which means that she sometimes has accidents in her sleep.  It was a huge drag at first because she sleeps at my feet, but we've caught on to the fact it's not stopping & put a waterproof picnic mat & a towel for her to sleep on.   It's funny how you end up being the one trained.  

I'm sure some of you are shaking your head wondering why we'd do all this for a measly little dog.  We're pretty intuitive about our pets & know when the time has come to stop helping them along.  It is not Mia's time.  Anyone who spends anytime with her would see that.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Snow Day Fun

Imagine my utter joy & excitement when I found out Saturday that my work was closed today!  And then when I found out my brothers three boys would be spending the day with Kendall & I!  It was a great day!  I tried to talk the boys into shoveling off the deck for me...they almost bought it!  Instead, they dug holes in the 3 feet of now in my backyard & buried themselves.  I managed to sneak in a few photos of the fun, though.

David & Ray.  Ray gets a bit of an attitude around his big brother.  That little rock star comes out of nowhere!

I needed some photos of jumping for the #MARdailyphoto for & the boys were happy to help me out.  I cannot ever remember the last time I jumped with such reckless abandon.  And while yes, this is snow, it is not soft, fluffy snow.

Still happy, even after a belly flop into the snow!

David was a little more hesitant.  He knew that snow was hard!

David looks so much like my brother it freaks me out!

Just like this photo.

This one, too.

AJ should be a model.

He's a little goof ball!

I love that you can see me in his eyes.

The boys & I had a really great time today.  Some time in the snow.  They watched some movies.  Some more time in the snow.  Nice way to spend the day!

Friday, March 16, 2012


Kendall & Jaxson

Not too much is going on...we've been too busy!  Kendall just got back from Texas, where she spent a week with her aunt, uncle & cousins.  She had a blast but I think the trip was shorter than she would have liked.  She's hoping to go back this summer.

I worked Job#2 twice this week.  Yesterday I made the mistake of having a Starbucks Double Shot on my way to work.  I was fine through work.  The problem came when I tried to go to sleep.  It just was not happening.  Coupled with the fact that Kendall's dog Ori is a needy beast, I didn't get much sleep.  

I had to send my little camera (the present I got from Don for Christmas) in to be repaired this week.  I put it off too long.  It had a spot on the image sensor that was driving me insane.  It was there from the day I opened the box & I just blew it off.  Good thing for warrantys!

Tomorrow we're heading out for a hike before the weather turns bad.  I shall return with photos!

Monday, March 12, 2012

A little getaway

I spent the weekend in Vegas with my Fizzy friend.  We were supposed to go to Anaheim to attend a business function, but a few days before we left, our plans changed.  Didn't matter to me in the least!  I just needed to get out of town! 

Kim & I had all sorts of plans:  we were going to eat lots of yummy food...see a show...walk the strip!  What we didn't plan on was Kim getting a horrible cold & being unable to sleep or eat.  Poor thing.  It meant that I got lots of much needed sleep, and I am totally ok with that!  We walked the strip, too.  Quite a bit, actually. 

Our first night we stopped for a cocktail at The Cosmopolitan Hotel on the strip.  The hotel is filled with a jillion crystals!  It's very pretty & old Hollywood pretty.

The bar was beautiful!  And this cosmopolitan was delicious!  Kim got the recipe & is going to post it on our blog in the next few days, I believe. 

It's pretty sad, but I took hardly any photos!  Mostly, I slept & worked out...and oh, I randomly got my hair cut.  It was supposed to look like this:

But it does not.

I love the color, but hate the way she cut my bangs.  Good thing I see my normal girl next week to fix that!  (It did look much better in person than this crappy phone photo).  It'll never look like that again, either. 

I spent a lot of time trying to figure out what direction I should take my life in...all that resulted in was a nap!  No big answers came to me, unfortunately.  But I did get an appreciation for slowing down.  Taking naps.  Going to bed early.  And I have a HUGE appreciation for Kim for taking me along on her trip!  Thank you!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

We will return to our regularly scheduled programming after these messages...

Kendall & her cousin Jaxson.

I'm back from Vegas.  My attitude problem seems to be less of a problem, at least for me.  Life is good!  I'm off tomorrow & will be posting here & on  I have some #MARdailyphotos to get caught up on, a humongous cold sore & a date with some yellow curry.  But I'll fit ya'll in there.  Promise.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

One of those weeks...

Some days I just wonder what the universe is going to throw at me next.  I really need to stop wondering!  This week (and it's only Tuesday) brings:
  • Kendall needs her wisdom teeth removed.  All 4 are impacted.  I don't know why on earth I'm surprised.  Mine were impacted.  So were Don's.  It's taking all I have not to scare her with the few things I remember about having my wisdom teeth out, but Don is regaling in tales of how they had to chisel them out with a hammer.  She is completely freaked out now.  Thanks, honey!
  • Mia, while doing spectacular, still has crystals in her urine.  The vet called to tell me that the crystals that formed the stone in her bladder are gone.  Only to be replaced with another type of crystal.  So no treats.  Only her special diet food.  And frequent urine tests to determine if the crystals are going away or not.  This is in addition to the steriod shots, the oral steroids, the horse pill sized antibiotics & the Denamarin (which is supposed to keep her liver healthy).  My friend Doris has taken to calling her the Black Diamond, the most expensive dog on the planet.
  • We cancelled our planned trip to Tucson to visit UofA.  While I'd love to see my friend Jill & my uncle, now is not the time to be saddling my mom with my very co-dependent dog (who can't control her pee & pees wherever she happens to be when she's sleeping...lovely!) We'll be rescheduling it for sometime this summer.
  • The wind is blowing.  Like crazy!  And we all know that the wind just flat out blows the happy right out of me! Spring in Flagstaff is my least favorite time of year...and it hasn't even started!  Wait til I start complaining about the wind in April!
  • I am seriously behind on my #MARdailyphoto on our blog.  And I feel guilty.  But not guilty enough to remedy it.  I will get caught up.  I swear.
On the happy side:
  • I have read both The Hunger Games & it's sequel Catching Fire, in three days.  I'm in the middle of the third book, Mockingjay, which I hope to finish tonight.  I had no desire to read the books but find myself completely absorbed in them.  The thought of teenagers put into a ring to battle to the death just did NOT appeal to me.  Crazy, I know.  Yes, they are teenage books, but not so much that you can't see the validity of their plight & want them to succeed.  They are very chaste.  If they were adult novels, they would be filled with raunchiness, so it's been nice to just focus on the story.  The first book is my favorite.  We shall see how I feel about this last one.  It feels good to be sucked into books again.
  • I am heading to Vegas with my friend Kim in a few days.  Much rest & relaxation is in store for me! 
I will get out of my funk soon, I am sure.   Fresh ideas are popping into my head pretty routinely.  Between Mia, our tax bill (don't even go there), car repairs, wisdom teeth & daily life, I need a break.

Sunday, March 4, 2012


I am lying in bed thinking about how peaceful Sunday mornings are. How much I love weekends. How busy Saturday's are.

We had our Sunday family breakfast on Saturday & for some reason it made the weekend feel excellent side effect! Don & I spent some time at Barnes & Noble reading about composting (ours is too wet). Went to a movie (This Means War)...loved it! Talked about taking classes at started out just taking some some classes on Excel, Access & Power Point so I can get a better job & ended up thinking its a pretty good idea that he work on an Associates degree. Then we helped Kendall just a little bit with the stage for the fashion show next week. A lovely day, I would say!

Today I'm going to lounge about. Maybe finish reading the second Hunger Games book. Do a little research, have lunch with Mindy & hot yoga this afternoon. This is the life!

PS: Mia got her staples out Friday & she is doing FANTASTIC!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Better every day!

Mia is perking up. Happy. Still a little sore. But overall doing well. Friday is one week from the surgery. They are going to check her pee for crystals, hoping there are none. One more week til the staples come out. She's spent the week being spoiled by grandma. Yeah, her life is good!

Could you lay like this with a 3 inch gash in your stomach?