Saturday, February 25, 2012

Mia's Surgery

Mia ended up having the bladder stone removed.  My friend Rachel gave me some very valuable advice (she's a vet tech in another state) & some serious things to consider.  And after talking to Mia's vet, the three of us decided that it was the best course of action for her.  We felt good about leaving her there & assured that she would be good as new in no time.  The vet even said the surgery was similar to a spaying & that she'd recover quickly.  Yeah, I was ok until I saw her:

She looks like she got beat up by thugs.  Since she was going under anesthesia we had a cyst on her eyelid removed, thus the black eye.  She is shaved all crazy all over her body.  Not just for the IV.  She kinda looks like she had a run in with a rogue hair clipper.  But the worst part is the size of the stone they took out of her.  (Yes, I asked to have it.  Shocked?)

It's hard to see by the photo how big it is, but I'd say it's the size of 1/2 a chicken nugget.  Poor baby!  Her bladder could not have been much bigger than the stone that she had. 

Mia came home last night to recover with us.  Poor thing moaned all night.  She's obviously uncomfortable but she's doing well.  She has lots of meds to take & is not ready to eat yet.  Her diet will be changing to one that is prescription only from the vet that will control the ph level of her urine, in theory preventing new stones from forming.  Even if they do, this was the last surgery for Mia.  Both Don & I were so distraught over how she looked...moaned.  I know that it was the right thing for us to do, but watching her recover is not.  We want whatever is left of her life to be comfortable & pain free.  This is just a bump in the road. 

Kendall is very upset with us for having the surgery done.  Ever since her cat, Frisco, died last year, she has been distancing herself from Mia.  I think because she thinks it will be easier for her when Mia moves on to greener pastures.  I think it'll be worse.  I think she'll feel guilty she was so hateful towards her & will regret that.  All we can do is live in the moment & not let our past hurts color how we interact now.  Our little dog is sweet, loving, needy & adored.  I hope Kendall can let go of Frisco & allow herself to care again.


  1. Hey Kirsten,
    Several years ago we got a bladder stone removed from one of our cats (he's almost 13 now) and I think he was maybe 9 then...the whole process cost us almost $3,000, but he's been healthy and "happy" since then. He's on special food, but his health is much improved. Hopefully this does the trick for Mia. Good luck,
    Laurie S.

  2. Oh sweet Mia! I also think you did the right thing, and in a couple of days she will feel great.

  3. I bet she is doing pretty good as of this morning! It is amazing how quickly dogs recover compared to people. We'd be out of work for months for something like this. Ever since Murray started his food (Royal Canin Urinary S/O) he has been doing awesome. It has lowered his urinary pH and now, when I randomly check his pee, there are NO crystals. One change though is that the food does have a higher salt content and as a result he drinks more and urinates more. But, while sometimes irritating, it's awesome as he is keeping his system flushed. He even lost weight and doesn't act like a 12 year old dog.

    I am so glad you came to a decision you are all happy with. Mia deserves the best care because, after all, she gives you unconditional love!