Friday, February 17, 2012


I have a confession.  I've been cheating on you. With another blog.  My fizzy friend, Kim, & I have started another blog called Two Martini Lunch.  It's less about martinis than the title would suggest.  We're finding our voice, but the intent is to be a blog about being moms to teenagers & all the craziness that entails.  Because I am no longer self employed I don't post as much as Kim.  But that'll change when I find my voice.  You'll see.  I'm sure you're shocked to hear that I have lots to say!  But beware...this new blog is not quite as censored as this one (yes, this is censored!  I tend to curse like a sailor...not lady like, I know...& I try to keep you from seeing that I might be a little off balance).  It is easy to tell who posted:  right by the date at the top of the post it says KIRSTEN or KIM.  Although you'll want to read them all because we are hilarious at times!  So, if you'd like to check us out here's the info:

twitter:        1martinilunch (Kim)
                   2martinilunch (Kirsten)
facebook:   Two Martini Lunch

I love this blog & it won't go away; heck no!  This is where my dad & my uncle come to read about our crazy family!  Plus, it's a more private venue to post photos of my nephews, nieces & various other family members. 

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