Sunday, February 5, 2012

Bisbee Part I

Don asked for a mini road trip for his birthday this year.  So I surprised him with a quick trip to Bisbee, Arizona in our Mini Cooper.  A few months back I had read about a place called The Shady Dell, which is a trailer park that has 40's & 50's airstream type trailers.  They also have a yacht you can stay in.  It's a clever little place!

So we headed out on Saturday morning (1/28/12, to be precise) at 6:30 am.  Bisbee is quite a ways away & we wanted to get there in time to see the town.  And I wanted to make sure to get a trip into IKEA before hand.  We stopped at our favorite coffee place in Phoenix, Dutch Bros & had yummy caramel annihilator lattes.  We hadn't eaten breakfast yet & decided to eat at Joe's Farm Grill in Gilbert, because in theory, it was close to IKEA.  Yeah, it wasn't, but that was ok...we're on an adventure! 

This place was featured on Diners, Drive Inns & Dives & I suspect they're a little too proud of that.  The food was decent.  I'm not eating meat yet, so the pickings were pretty slim.  Don got a burger with an egg on it.  He enjoyed it.  Maybe when it's growing season it's better.  In the same parking lot is The Coffee Shop.  We probably should have eaten here because the food on everyone's plates looked so good.

The place was packed & had tons of amazing looking pastries & cupcakes.  We ended up getting a pomegranate hot tea (Celestial Seasonings, so nothing unique) & a lemon cupcake & lemon whoopie pie.  The whoopie pie was the first real taste of sugar I'd had in almost a month and it was heavenly!  The cupcake was yummy, too!  Apparently they are a past winner on Cupcake Wars & are featured on the show again, although they say the date is to be determined.  I just visited their website & they have my cupcake photo on there!  Woohoo!  How cool is that?!

After filling up with food & goodies we headed into IKEA where I made a beeline for the picture frames.  I wanted new frames for our winter photos & had been waiting for this trip.  Ironically, those frames are still in the back of my car...

Then off towards Bisbee we went.  I read a little bit & looked around a lot.  South of Tuscon just looks desolate.  It's very dry.  No saguaros.  Barren.  We stopped in Benson to get gas, potty & get some snacks.  It's not really a town I need to stay in.  But we will go back to see Kartchner Caverns.

Onward to Bisbee!  When we arrived the first place we stopped was The Shady Dell to check out our trailer.

It was a touch breezy...

We stayed in the El Rey trailer, which was a sweet little trailer with original era decor.

Unfortunately, Dots Diner wasn't open.  Maybe because it's January?  

Don's standing right in front of the teeny tiny potty & the full size bed that fills the back of the trailer.  Most of the trailers don't have potty's & I picked this one because I did not want to stumble across the gravel to pee at 2 am.  Sorry.  Not gonna happen.

You can't use the stove, but they put cookies in the cookie jar, which was a nice touch.

The radio played old time music & was really cool to listen to!

Our Mini in front of the trailer.  Behind that little fence is an enormous graveyard.  Would have been cool to check it out, but time was short & we had things to see.

I loved this little pineapple light:

The Shady Dell was a step back into time.  It was so charming!  I would stay there again, but maybe in April or May when it's warmer & the park is more active.  We loved the experience!

Later this week I'll tell you about Bisbee itself.  It is an amazing little hippie town that I adored!  I would definitely go back for a visit!  And the best coffee I've had in a long time came from The Bisbee Coffee Company (the Miners Blend).


  1. Holy crap. EVERYTHING about that road trip was perfect. And I saw your cupcake on the website. SO cool! But my favorite (so far) is the trailer park. Airstream trailers are incredible!

  2. Looks like a good time was had by all! Audra