Friday, February 17, 2012

Bisbee Part 4

Bisbee is filled with stairs.  Stairs that go straight up.  Stairs that go nowhere.  Stairs that look manageable but really kick your ass when you try to climb them!

There are so many stairs that Bisbee has turned it into an opportunity to raise money & have a fun race at the same time.  The Bisbee 1000 is held in October & is a race...up stairs!  Click on that link for more info.  They also do an Ice Man race, where you & a 10lb block of ice (held with old fashioned ice tongs) run up a flight of stairs just like this.  The fastest time to date?  19 seconds!  I'm in fairly good shape & it was tough to just walk up those stairs!

The view from the top of the stairs is breath taking! 

Just a few random shots from around Bisbee:

After Bisbee we headed towards Tucson to visit with my Uncle Bob.  We had lunch at the lovely Hotel Congress & while I managed these two photos, there are none with people in them:

This was the floor in the cafe.  I can tell you that if I made that floor, all the pennies would be heads up.  Yes, I am a freak like that!  (and when I find a penny on the street that isn't heads up, I flip it over for the next person to find.)

After lunch we stopped in Marana & saw my college friend, Jill.  I hadn't seen Jill since Kendall was a baby!  We had a lot of fun together in college...probably a bit too much fun.  It was great to see her & meet her lovely family.  By the way, I had no idea Marana was so beautiful!

Sadly, that was the end of our quick Bisbee road trip.  But just the other day Don asked me when we could go on another one.  I cannot wait, honey! 

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  1. Oh, this all looks so familiar! We loved Bisbee - it was a trip, though, trying to navigate those side streets, even in my little Honda! You have to check out Tombstone too, if you haven't!